Real heroes-archers are waiting for you. Your hero will be a lone archer, and this will be the only force that can stop the onset of evil. You must go on a journey, improve your skills and fight against the most powerful opponents. From now on, your hero’s life will depend only on you. Here you will meet endless waves of enemies who will not give up. It is worth remembering that if you die, the whole story starts over, so you must be very careful.

Try constantly improving your skills, as they will help you survive. Make your way through various obstacles, terrible monsters, and other creatures. There is everything to overcome these horrible dungeons. You must explore this mysterious world, meet thousands of demons, and overcome many obstacles. Constantly increase your level, pick up good weapons, and earn cool bonuses. Very nice graphics, enormous opportunities for your character, and crowds of enemies that cannot be destroyed.

– Menu (activate items before loading the level):
– 65k HP
– Big damage

Archero MOD

Alright game but every update there's a new system with new premium currency and battle passes left, right and center. How about improving the game and the experience instead of adding the 20th monetizing method? Loads of stuff locked behind paywalls like the actually good heroes, decent gear etc. The greed is off the charts, as if the thousand ads arent enough already, some which are 30 seconds unskippable. Fun game but it begs you to give money at each possible step.. Thanks for fixing the connection issue and giving out something for the troubles. But I'm still upset that I didn't get to use my Christmas coins because of whatever the issue was saying I had to wait for the season to start which is unfair because I tried everyday to exchange the coins for the rewards I wanted and I had more then enough until the Christmas event was over and now I just can't get the rewards I wanted at all and u guys just apologized but what do I get? no rewards still smh. Now, they are adding 2 ads per click. "Ad 1 of 2". This game is getting too many ads. Will uninstall if ridiculousness continues. Waste of time. You never get good stuff without spending money anyway.. Nice game.. Just missed a whole event cox Updates don't come in the game messages again(please fix your update notifier). Monster gets killed yet his attack follows you *The scythe mage* (like ). Legendary season leader board should have a chat section (just saying)... My dragon ball went out of the Battle ground What is wrong with Hero stage 33 Final Boss. This is such a fun game. I never really have that many issues, but if you use a Google Play account, it will save your progress, and if it doesn't just contact habby.

Archero APK

Great, fun and challenging game.... It's a long grind kind of game, but rewarding... I've played for quite some time and it never gets boring, there's generally always something to work towards. Great game, but the more you win levels the more stronger the enemy gets but no matter how much you spend coins on upgrades, your weapons damage pretty much stays the same no matter how much you upgrade or even which weapons. Upgrades need to be more powerful if the enemies are getting more stronger. And better weapons could be added too. And one more thing. When you beat a level and spin the wheel, there should be more useful weapons than coins on the wheel!. UPDATE: I find your response rather missing an element of the game that is crucial to winning and that is heroes, for it is too hard to obtain them, the whole puzzle piece thing is much to difficult and impractical even for those who have experience, not only is it hard but also nearly impossible as you need tons of puzzle pieces just for one not to mention that when you get a puzzle piece free to play or not, it is random and it could be a hero you don't want, it makes the game not fun honestly. Can't even get into the game because it keeps having connection issues. Been playing this game for a while and it just keeps getting worse. Seems like the devs only care about squeezing as much money as they can out of the few that still play their game. Also the tower defense mode is terrible..

Archero APK

Complete cash grab. Relies very heavy on watching ads which crash often and give no rewards. The reward system in the game has some of the worst drop rates of all the gacha games. Level 55+ still no top tier equips. Waste of bandwidth.. Update: So Archero has improved over the years. But one thing that causes players to leave is the constant stagnant of progression in the game. I get it the levels aren't supposed to be easy, but how can you improve when it takes so long to level up or level a certain system? The Refine, Altar, Jewel, Rune, Talents, Bravery, and now this Town are good ideas . But now yet again I'm stuck, I had my account for years, and this is how you treat us??. I would give 5 stars but too paid for most events not only that it has too many paid events with actual money to complete so that's a shame not only that I've recently realized that the farm hasn't got all enemies it only goes up to a certain chapter would be good if you added the new eggs because there hard enemies to fight without no buffs from eggs I like collecting the eggs and it's a shame not every enemy you can put on the farm I get space but it could have a expansion. Great game. I thought it was copying Mighty Doom, but looks like this was actually 1st. The other is ok, but if they were hoping to clone this then they fell short. This game has a certain charm that the other lacks. It feels less aggrevating. More laid back, and really overall more fun. For a free game that relies, at least in large part, on ads, its not bad at all. Not forcing you to watch ads after every little thing. In fact theres quite a few freebies in the store for watching short ads..

Archero APK

This game used to be one of the best, I played for many years and after investing tons of money I can say that it's not worth anymore. The developer keep adding small systems and mini games that make no sense with weird currencies. They literally ruined the game.. Amazing game, but can you make it take up 50 percent less space at least? Thanks Btw the first time i saw the ad it was false advertising, which wasent neccacary BECAUSE THE GAME IS ALREADY AMAZING YOU DONT NEED TO LIE ABOUT LETTING PLAYERS MAKE THEIR OWN MAPS. Anyway very good game, im an OLD player cause ive played since like 2019 and it rocks. Keep up the good work and never fire your devs... The apps keep showing the wifi connecting indicator and even I changed to mobile data. I can't even start the game.. Impossible to do anything with constant error codes and network failures. Yes, my connection is just fine. I'll rate again if this is fixed. Playing on Samsung Galaxy s22+ Ultra.

this game cheats, New problems can't get into my clan, it won't load up. I've updated the app I'm on 5g and the tried on wifi, still same problem. Haven't been adding my bones And meats when I submit in clan. It haven't been given my rewards. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS. I've been reading the review comments and seems like I'm not the only one having these issues. I won't be changing my rating anytime soon, just making this feed longer. I'm sure that I will be coming back with more problems/ issues. I have ALWAYS loved this game, BUT. My hubs and i like to play duos together, it takes down your HP&attack so its nearly impossible to get past a few level. And then you only get so many tries. we want to keep our atk&HP & play together whenever, balance the monsters between both players. They have made it easier when you FIRST start to get super epic but now Its been extremely hard to level up now. they add SO many things with range attack you cant even see. New upd.- glitchy. Solid game but getting to the point where developers are pushing updates before they are ready every time, massive game crashes and loading problems for everyone with every update, gets straightened out within a day or two but still very frustrating.. Game was amazing but with all the new updates it crashes and rewards disappear and events fail to load. I liked to original archerhero the new version sucks and the game isn't even the same thing anymore. The original gameplay was better trying to add more took away its originality..

Great game. Good challenge and not a pay to win game. Have the option to watch ads for more energy. If you keep winning you never run out anyway lol. That 3rd chapter was a nice change of pace pretty hard though.. Great game I have put hundreds of dollars in this game. Yet only one issue it keeps saying my account might get deleted for using a third party app yet I have never used a third party app while playing the game. Leaving this review for evidence just in case it deletes my account I have a warning written.. weirdest thing, huge fan btw,, had 9 unopened cehsts in the shop, they disappeared. first issue I've ever had. I repaired and nothing happened except resetting my character. it's a couple days later now since 1st post and now I used 100 gems for energy and got nothing, Instead another game opened up. since the last update the game is becoming more and more stupid. definitely deleting the game if my grinding was all for nothing. at this point I'm down 100 gems and 9 unopened celestite chests.. RUBBISH GAME, i play for 6years. I upgrade item and hero into super strong. You die in few second anywhere. What a wasting time to play already..

I agree with Lunalovania's issue. I've noticed the same thing. I have to close out the game and re-open it to hear the sound again after an ad plays. Update...1/12/24 I Uninstaller the game and re-installed and still have the same issue. After an ad plays and I start the next round there is no sound.. It's a great game, and devs actuality release new content regularly. There are ads but not forced to watch them. And they even compensate you if they have had an issue with the game, such as network errors. Estate update not sure about it yet, probably would be helpful if I had the option of doing the tutorial!. obscene gank fights in several levels require purchases - you can't aim and auto attack the closest enemy - the game will put a stationary enemy with a high HP pool nearest to you or in the center of the room and a bunch of projectile enemies all over the room. The only way to deal with this is out damaging the enemies - how do you do that? Better weapon. How to get a better weapon? Can you buy it? No. Gamble on chests. Also, the wizards that shoot spinning red discs - so hard to see!. Everything about this game is enjoyable, devs put out new events all the time, and this game is completely free to play. Even if the game incentives you to pay, you can still get all the endgame and all that, it just takes time. In Archero, you don't dislike the grind, you enjoy it!.

I've played this game a lot got pretty far and had enjoyed it until recently. I've had my account saved on Google play, played the game on several phones and spent money on it. But one of the recent updates appears to have reset my progress completely even though I'm still signed I'm to Google play. Having my whole account of years reset to 0 makes me never want to play this game again. I'd stay away from it incase your account ends up gone too. Why are you threatening to ban my account again same thing happened 2 years ago and you never got back to me really disappointed in this. Good game..but very difficult to clear the stages.. the game gets tougher and tougher.. Specially the 50 stage rounds.. this game is getting very difficult to play.... so I was playing through hero area 17. When I died on level 30, I randomly got a permanent ban notification(did not get banned), but I lost my data for that level, reset me back to level 6 all my other progress was save.

its a great game with lots of content, so u cant get bored, and even if u do, u wamt to play it again 10 minutes later. Fun game at first. I've been play this game for 5 years now Nowadays is a bunch of mumbo jumbo packing up into the game but I kinda get it tho "Its the way for weath to spend some money and break throught higher level" For Free to play player outthere if you reach some point of this game, Its gonna be 3-4 month daily play just to make some progress on MAIN gameplay of this game Still fun game tho. You can create a clan/guild and even if you are the one to create it you can still be removed from leadership in the clan if you don't log in for 7 days even if you had personal issues they can't change it an are extremely inconsiderate towards anyone with a mental health issues would not recommend even trying to reach out to the support team they have.. loved this game at first, been playing since the very beginning before pets or books.. it was fantastic until greed claimed the souls of the designers, and they just add more and more stuff to buy.. it sucks now they've ruined it.. sadly they probably still make money people suck.

I started playing this game when it first initially came out and Ive seen it evolve over the years, I absolutely love this game and all the updates they have provided. 2023 review: This was a great game, but with each update they keep adding in so many new, unrelated systems that it's just a mess. There's a lot of systems and currencies that are disjointed and don't make any sense. This has gone from a 4.5* back to a 3* (or even 2.5). 2020 review: Originally gave 3* due to crashing. Theyve definitely improved stability and its a great game. Now 4* 2019 review: Great game but keeps crashing. First of all, I just have to say that this is the most perfect ad free game. There are some ads. But the only ads you get are when you want free gems or other stuff. There are absolutely no ads that pop up out of nowhere. It's a really fun fantasy game. You can get different wardrobes and different characters. You can also get pets that help you kill monsters and you can get rings that help you level up. The graphics are perfect and the game is pretty simple I'd give this game a 1000 out of 10.. This is one of THE most addictive games out there, I love the random abilities at the end of each stage, and the fact that the items help out so much, I've been playing for atleast 3 years now and I cant stop playing.

huhuhu what happened to my glyph runes and pet/weapon upgrades? i already ups my ancient weapon with glyph runes . Pay to win game through and through. Sucks. Games used to be fun when it was based off of time and effort put in it.. Tons of fun, though it gets a bit predatory at higher levels. Not TOO much in the way of bugs, overall fair and enjoyable as hell. Definitely save early game resources as there seems to be a bit of an artificial scarcity in mid game as a poor difficulty balancing mechanism, though it's certainly not game breaking.. The game crashed whenever I clicked on anything so I uninstalled and reinstalled but then the game wouldn't even open no matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled it..

EDIT: It was fixed. Neat! ||| New Meowgik skin is completely bugged. The outfit ability increases the player hitbox to the size of the circle of stars, causing all enemy attacks to hit. (The outfit skill is disappointingly weak too.). Archero is a SCAM! The NETWORK for this game is atrocious; it's always FAILING and having ERRORS and the player constantly gets screwed by this dumb GREED filled game. Also, Too many dumb little events that SCAM you of rewards. It's an Unfair, Unbalanced, SCAM Infested Trash Game. HABBY=GREEDY . Great game, just wondering if the Christmas event is gone, I did not get to redeem my coins. I'm only getting network errors after updating the app and I'm not seeing the Christmas event icon..

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