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Hack is a game with colorful cartoon graphics and an easy control system, literally a few buttons. The gameplay consists of controlling a selected hero that appears on the game location after starting a regular match. does not have a specific storyline; it was initially a multiplayer project created as a budget simulation of the “battle royal.” Dozens of fighters, piloted by players from all over the world, will fight together in a desperate battle to prove their skills in actual combat.

Each hero can apply unique spells of elemental magic that combine attack, defense, and enhancement attributes. To win a classic match, you must destroy all your opponents and remain the last survivor, allowing you to earn many game resources and unique rewards. There are dozens of spells and many other heroes with unique magical abilities and fighting techniques. Each game has special missions; you can earn good money to complete this mission. It is also possible to change the appearance and design of the character through purchased skins. And the mod makes a lot of coins and diamonds, giving you an unlimited amount of local currency that can be used for various goods and spells from the play store.

The game can be played both offline and with real players. There are more than ten different cards, all of which are pretty small at the start of the game, so each game doesn’t last too long. Over time, the map shrinks, fewer and fewer players are left alive, and the final battle begins. When the card shrinks so much that it forces all remaining gladiators to rally together for the final battle, each player decides for himself who will win a valuable prize. In the game, you will need to collect crystals to improve your spells, excluding players who forever sit in one place and wait for their enemies. You can select your element and rotate along the selected talent branch for crystals. Of course, all talents will reset after the game, and with each new game, all players will again plunge into the search for crystals that allow magic. But forever, your heroes and their weapons remain.

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