NameSpider Hero: Rope Hero Game
ReleaseMaxxido Games

An exciting adventure for Spider-Man. We are waiting for the most unique and entertaining adventure of superheroes in Spider Hero: Rope Hero Game. The criminal city is waiting for its heroes, as everything is filled with enemies and lawlessness in crazy confrontations.

To complete tasks, our hero has powerful ropes, so that he can save the city from a criminal future. The most terrible gangsters, criminals, thugs, and many bad guys want to destroy this city. A completely open world where you can express yourself to the fullest. Crime confrontations, superhero battles, webs, robots, and amazing big city rescues. An excellent spider-man simulator, which has to complete a lot of interesting tasks, deal with criminals and put things in order here. Local gangsters hold the whole city and are going to destroy everyone who gets in their way.

Spider Hero: Rope Hero Game MOD

So amazing app. It is the best way of fun and entertainment. It's features are very attractive. I like to play this supreb game. !!. It made a wierd noise so I deleted it, I wish it had proper suits because it looks a bit like Spider-Man but a baned game so I want.. 1.more suits 2.better graphics 3.talking 4.remove that noise!. Sstagahhqj and either the way you are not on the yes or the other day I will be able to the other ones that are not on Facebook or the other day I have a good day Tuesday is. Hindi ako sigurado kung maganda ba itong larong ito.Pero para sa akin maganda siya pero sana nga para hindi sayang ang load ko sa pagdodownload ng app na ito..

Download ( V1.0.20 )

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