NameThe Pirate Plague of the Dead
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Become the captain of a pirate ship and take over the Caribbean! The game is made in the ” Sandbox ” style and makes you feel like an invincible pirate who has never raised a flag with crossed bones! In the image of the famous pirate leader Jack Rackham use secret voodoo magic to summon the Flying Gang from the dead. Together you will find the nightmarish Inquisitor. Download The Pirate: Plague of the Dead for Android is free.

Any summoned captains have unique skills that increase the abilities of a personal vessel. For example, they allow you to store more gold, help you win battles, and can even call for help from a dangerous kraken! The game uses an open world, no loading screen between locations, day and night following each other, and various weather effects. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure! This is an additional part of the well-known history of The Purate, which has gained notoriety in the ranks of the fans.

Distinctive features:

  • Go through an exciting campaign that will help you acquire all available ships, as well as captains that existed in the Golden Age;
  • The world is vast; it needs to be explored; opponents lost islands with treasures, outposts of mercenaries, fortresses, and much more await at every step. No downloads between territories;
  • To explore the Caribbean, conquer ports, and find treasures, download The Pirate: Plague of the Dead for Android.
The Pirate Plague of the Dead MOD

A wonderful offline strategy game i must say, my fully built up fleet is the devil of the seas and you dare not Cross my part cos am deadly as a foe.... I really like the game and the graphics is amazing.I have a suggestion can you make the map bigger just like the Caribbean Hunt and add more story in the game and lastly put side quests in the game like the Caribbean Hunt,example smuggling, delivering goods and lastly I can have marque nationality.. Not as good as the original. Not as challenging either. You start out with the best ship and have no need to capture any more. Still better than most other pirate games out there (except the original "the Pirate"). The game is amazing the buttons to shoot the cannons are easy and I like how capturing ships is a challenge and I think the game is really good so far and i think it would be cool if for an update you would be able to play multiplayer.. Bus gol gol Rani in Pani karte jaao jabse idhar udhar he ghumaye Jaa rahe na kuch mission hai na kuch THIS IS A WORST GAME I HAVE NEVER EVER PLAYED THIS WORST AND BASTARD GAME.

The Pirate Plague of the Dead APK

I love this game its fun and I like the fact I can still play even offline plus I can save my progress which is even better can't wait to see more games like this. Is the update coming or not I'm tired of waiting for the new update already I can't wait to play and I already uninstalled the app because it makes me bored of not having many enemies and the story is very short plss add more enemies in the game I need the continuation of the story. Great game I had to stop playing it seems I have beaten it .. defds feel like they should keep adding more ships quests towns creatures enemies so much more could be done. This game is very good but the only problem is that I've already finished the campaign but I am still hungry for more adventure. James eury and Ebenezer Hamilton's missions kinda easy and a bit boring like could you add more ports such as like Navy ports and maybe add an enemies as like captains or mythical creatures in the game it way maybe cooler if those were in the game ..

The Pirate Plague of the Dead APK

This game is simply mind-blowing. But I'm giving it a 4 star for some issues. It would deserve 5+ star if it had multiplayer mode. Again its story mode is really short & after completing the story there is kinda nothing interesting to do. If these were fixed i would love to give it a 5 star. But still it's worth playing. This is the best pirate game I've ever played so far I unlocked many ships in the shop (as in the really op ships ) I have each ship form the campaign's but I want there to be more campaigns because I finished them both. As well as that I have so much gold by earing it by doing the basics also buying premium ships are perfect. Even if the enemy has like 1st rate premium ships are there weaknesses.Also quick question about the game why can't you see the muskets and pistols if you have them. This is a good game but I finished the campaigns in 3 days there were no more need more bigger storyline and more missions. This game is EPIC!!! I love it you get to do tasks you get to visit new islands and battle other ship's it has everything in the pirate book of pirate's even you get to get on a ship which you destroyed if it's still floating and if there's no crew on the ship but still I love it .

The Pirate Plague of the Dead APK

Before I knew how to play it I think it was not fun but since I knew how to played it, it's very fun I enjoy it. 5 star is not enough for this wonderful game. Kudos to them. The smoothest offline pirate game I have played so far. You can make cash quickly by buying canon balls in one port and selling them for double price in your own port.. The 1st rate is kind of OP when you also have Captain Bartholomew Roberts aka Black Bart,the guy who commandeers ships like a madman. Takes the fun out of the game really. Maybe the enemy ships should be able to spot him and run or break away when the going gets tough or something...I don't know,but maybe just consider that,1st rate + Bartholomew...OP.. The Game is Good!, But in the Last Stages of the Game It becomes boring, Please add more to the story line..

I love this game I played it 2 months ago and I loved everything about it good job on creating this game creators. Slow, boring, and somewhat difficult to figure out. Boarding an enemy ship is only represented by the two ships sitting side by side and the sounds of a man yelling while you push buttons that read "fire falconets" and "fight". On a positive note, the actual ships look great and the story in the game is creative.. This game has loads of potential but t I think that the gameplay is terrible, the ads are just annoying, worse still, I chose to watch an optional ad and still didn't get the rewards. I think you should allow to hire captains because unless i upgraded my ship they can't follow me and even then it's only the gallys that can keep up. The market is terrible and the profit margin is only like, 10 gold? Fix pls.. Favourite game for me i love this game so much i want to say that you put more realistic graphics.

Good game good graphics good gameplay but please add more missions the Spanish inquisitor can't be the only agenda please add more missions All on all great game. Its a great game ive got lots of first rates and some smaller ships but i wish you could make all your ships sail in a neat line like in real life and make it so when ship explode they blow in half and lose their masts when balls and chains are fired please try to do theae things but other then that great game and it deserves 5 stars. Great game, one of a kind for mobile. I have been playing for years, and I have suggestions for some improvements Visuals for musket and pistol crew upgrades would make the deck feel more alive Customizable beak and cabin design, not just the colors, I noticed that some ships have unique beak designs. More cabin designs, these could be expensive customization, blueprint or dependent on port nationality Ship scale is a little too small for the crew and cannons, or its the other way around. Played the Game and completed it the story is good but need more improvements The Graphics are Decent It's good that we can customise it But make it little easy for the new players at start it's Little hard to get to and understand the game ..

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