NameLittle Big Snake
ReleaseAddicting Games Inc

Become the strongest player in this exciting game. Little Big Snake has to go through a difficult path, complete many missions, improve his skills, and disassemble other players. Absorb all that is left of the opponents, nectar, powerful energy, and other subtleties. You will only significantly increase in size and acquire excellent skills and unique abilities in this case. You must work up this food chain and become the giant snake.

Every day you can challenge other players, become the longest snake in the world, and destroy any enemy. Each opponent can be adequately cut to collide and fall apart into valuable chains. Experience the most delicious nectar, and collect different keys, artifacts, and more that will help you make a significant difference. There are many missions, a lot of fun, and everything else this game project can offer you. It is the best toy of its kind, made in the role of a real snake. It’s time to get into the hole and prove to everyone that you are the best snake in the world: good graphics, many exciting moments, and all the best in this project.

Little Big Snake MOD

This time I faced so many bug. Again and again I played strugg the game and my point not increased. Game strugged somany time I am very disappointed Please solve the issue.. This game was good until I am struggling to login when uninstalled the game and clicked on 'change account' it doesn't login . I tried more than 15 times . The game is poorly designed, although the graphics are cool. However, there hasn't been a major update in a while. The only update introduced was the addition of pets, and since then, there haven't been any graphics updates for 5 YEARS. If you ask any questions to LBS, they won't reply. Another issue I want to mention is TAP AND GO. Unethical users of TAP AND GO aren't getting banned, while normal players who play fairly are getting banned for no reason." And I am leaving this game.. Just stopped giving me my after battle rewards. Has been like this for about a week now. Giving it 1 more week before I delete it, shame really considering I put money into it.. Been having a persistent bug. No progression on the reward path despite me getting keys sitting m within the game. Objectives show no progression either even though I've done what the objectives said. Restarted phone, even cleared data, still same issue.

Little Big Snake APK

App is not giving me keys I earn. I am unable to progress along the path. I paid for VIP so I am losing money! This needs to be fixed ASAP! Uninstall did not fix.. It's a great game to play all night when I can sleep thank you for making such a great game love it. This game is so lengendry game in snake game but bugs. Ads but... i love this game and i got prince flag . I have been a huge monitory supporter....I am not exaggerating when I say the amount is hundreds of dollars. I just bought new phone and was able to get back my vip purchase...but lost 15,000 gems ....and my level 300 rank,worst of all I lost every upgrade for my snake ..only two upgrades were not at max level. Just the gems alone cost $50.00...worst part is I have no avenue to try and get my purchase restored. Phone is two days old and now having lagging,freezing issues. Anyone there care?.

Little Big Snake APK

Really fun game! My sister and both play it and love it. I do with we could actually see what happens after you become juja queen tho. It's the badist game ever because the internet is not working and on other apps the internet works I wish the internet would work on little big snake and.If you want to ad me as a friend my name is HD*Mm*****!. I love this game i play it a lot and maybe earn vip with rebel kills and love to play with friends. Sometimes if i want to practice i go into single mode with no real players. But its kind of frustrating with so many bots getting in the way when i play online tho. But overall really good game.. I intentionally died to a cheater who had 2 mil score in 10mins. Observed him for another 20mins. With only bots left on the server, he waved bye and went into his lair. You guys allow cheating kids to destroy any fair advantage for those of us who pay to support you. May as well spit in our mouths. You let him cheat for an entire HALF HOUR with zero consequences. Would you give someone money again if they ripped you off once already? RIP LilBig Snake, USED to be the best. CrocSnake signing out!.

Little Big Snake APK

Cool. Other than getting smaller when I dash/run/speed it's a decent game. Runs smooth , very few ads I do NOT like dying for stupid reasons like COLORS being the SAME ! On TEAM or SURVIVAL the colors are too much alike! I mean come on, I am solid green & try to join with another solid green (so I think & it appears) YET I DIE ! Apparently all solid greens of the same shade are not the same.? A SIMPLE purple DOT or something will help alot! You can do MILLIONS of things with COLORS !!! TRY IT. Before this I play with no problem.But since update,my game always STUCK. and i HATE to play. bcps whenever i'm abt to win,the game will FREEZE me to death. hate this game so much since then. But cant delete it cuz i've paid for vip. goddamit,i even paid vip for my son to play. why cant this be good??. This game is all over good! But the ads are annoying! This is really an addicting game. So it deserves 3-4 stars from all and also from me. The pets are so good. So please add more new pets for the future updates,Thanks. Good experience. Dying in this game isn't even bad because you gain things each time. I like how it is less volatile..

Great game, but why should I subscribe to remove ads? Why not one payment and it's done? Many of pay to win aspects.. Wait a minute! It's not gone! False Alarm! But, WiFi keeps giving me bad connection surrounding snakes! Hard to know who's on my team, since I had accidentally ran into my green snake member, but it was odd that, that was not my team member!. I love the game, but there are a few bugs and problems in it. When I die in the game I click to watch an ad to revive, I don't, after watching the ad I'm stuck on the game screen where the game is running but my snake doesn't show I can't do anything but close the app and restart it... Another thing is sometimes when I click to watch the ad it doesn't work. Also one big problem, way to many hackers and cheaters in the game. if you can fix these problems it would make the game much better. Ty... I hate when I watch an ad to respawn, and I don't respawn. I just have to go back to my lair with the respawn screen still up it just makes me exit the app bring mad as hell because I have to watch 2 ads for NOTHING and half of the time when I tell my snake to move it doesn't move and unless you have 5G and are next you your router your going to lag and it's a mood killer don't recommend because God for bid you die correctly because the dying machine is bugged out AI's are always in the way.

I killed a rebel and they didn't give VIP ACCESS !! Did anyone noticed that bots don't use hellcat and Santa skin?. Was a good game bought some stuff and tried to help support the game but now can't log in with my Fb account and went to add after add stopped being fun absolutely not worth the effort any more would give it a - if possible. I think the game is gr8 there is one major flaw and if I didn't purchase the VIP already I would have found similar game. I know 99.9% games have flaws but there are ones I can handle and ones I just delete I would ha w deleted this one if I knew. Anyways during game play the game switches controls on its own I think it should not be on game screen to switch should be in setting whether accidentally pressed or not it's annoying. I give one like because of annoying ads if I got vip the ad is always coming when I play the game stupid game in the world is this.

New futures request 1) Voice chat option in the game. Like pubg. 2) friend list limit should be 500 min. 3) some kind of hybrid control for desktop pc as well, like this app has tap & go 4) lag issues 5) some kind of solution for hackers First two are very important. The game is awesome because of the auto play I can go do something real quick and come back resume playing I love it. The support team is a joke, first they cause the issue for anyone using Facebook to log in have now lost access to they're accounts but put out a notice "make a ticket to get your account back" and then they take a week to respond and ask for more information an take another week to respond.....this is how they treat players who have spent money on their game...on the back burner.... what a joke and a rip off. I am playing this game from 2 or 3 years but now after a brake i came and my old account is not connecting with Facebook please sole this issue.

This game is amazing compared to other games I like this game very much if we use extra life then ad will be playing but VIP, prevents the ad and getting 90 gems daily and I play this for atleast 2 years I like it. The hacker problem still persists, but has been dealt with to some degree. I am now experiencing a glitch where I will be running as normal and suddenly my joystick will snap to straight in one direction, and stay that way for several seconds, usually killing me.. This game is a scam they make me buy extra life when I didn't want it but when I want to buy it I can't I hate it. Its very fun to play when your bored and its a simple to learn all you have to do is try and defeat other worms, snakes whtever you want to call them and you can get skills and upgrade your evolution to levle up quicker and you can freind people to play with them..

this is the best game ever I been playing this for years even though it cause data it is the best.

Download ( V2.6.91 )

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