NameBlocky Cars
ReleaseShooting games for everyone

An excellent online shooting game that you can experience for yourself. Blocky Cars, cars, and tanks, you have to play a rather exciting shooter game filled with various modes. There is a lot of different equipment, modern tanks, and weapons. The combination is incredible; you can build your tank and destroy enemies. It’s your time to prove yourself in the international arena, experience the multiplayer shooter and complete many missions. It will be interesting for all crafting lovers to collect a lot of blocks, and build cars and other equipment.

You can pick up specific wheels, mighty turbines, and rifles for cars and create the vehicle of your dreams. Build everything you need, even participate in races and defeat any opponent. The game is designed specifically for those who love accurate multiplayer shooters. Interesting online modes await you, take part in bloody battles and capture the central flag. Up to 8 players can take part in one zone, and you can also create a skin for your best match. The game is constantly updated, so we are waiting for many new and exciting things.

Blocky Cars MOD

I'ma say it's a solid game but needs a update : lvl cap and damage nerfs. This is one of my favorite moblile games and plus it's a staple of my childhood. I don't mind the ads since it is how devs get their income tho I wish there wasn't a ad after every match. I would also like a way to share player skins and cars like a custom workshop. Also a map creator and block skin creator. But even without these features the game is great. 5 stars.. I have not played this game in a while. When I come back, I find that the game is SEROUSLY unbalanced. I launched rockets at an enemy and almost got them in 1 hit. Everything is super overpriced. When I started playing for the first time, you can get a basic turret for 60 coins. Now they want 160 for 1? On the plus side, you can get a lot of coins for selling free blocks. The matchmaking is also a bit wacky. 3 vs 1? Weird. It's like the blocky characters are experiencing inflammation.. You should download this you should download this game trust me you can build anything you want. I like how decorative it could be and I am really good now because I have the big guy walker legs. This game is very fun to play with your friends and family go try it!. This game is really cool Like it's kinda like Minecraft and like world of tanks Like it's like the best one. It is fun because i like to build and drive battel royal. I remember the good old days where you had to destroy parts to kill the player but now you shoot the car and bam your dead that it pointless this game is so bad you now made crossout better than this game maybe if you kept it original then maybe this game would be popular. Good game but ppl in chat use badwords like the fword. I DON'T WANT TO GIVE ONE STAR BECAUSE THIS GAME IS FULL OF BUGS.

Blocky Cars APK

Best nostalgia game, however... ...The devs have turned their profile and games to greed, just look at the icon... We need an older 2018-2020 version of this game to be released. Even if it's by the same publisher, please just do so and don't change a thing.. Good for low end phones I guess . People who playing this are kids and muslims . Wery old game , I couldn't find this game because of picture , plz to creator bring back tank or something familiar on main game picture.. This is was a good building block cars. It was created to war. I so amaze at this game. But there is 1 bug. Hope u fix this bug. :). This is my fav game ever, but, is now 2023 and I can't play my fav old game anymore, I really can play my fav old game now, . Great game recommend to anyone who likes creating planes,cars,tanks, a d whatever your heart desires.I just wish they would turn the amount of energy and coins it takes to buy blocks and weponds and get energy faster and better.But all that set aside the game is great . The game is good but there are some problems: 1. There are no events 2. The chest keys are too much to open so it's actually making the game not good anymore Also there are some things you should add (my opinion / I'm not forcing): 1. You should add drones to help you in battles/matches 2. There should be more guns for the player (not the car) 3. There should be more armors for player (not the car) 4. You should also add more flags Hope this helps! I also recommend this game very much!. This game is so good I can build anything I want . The game is good but 1 the auto aim is too much, literally way too much. And 2 why is the game icon a bad Minecraft PE mod? They have a real game wouldn't a real icon get them more downloads. I'm rating this 5 and also please change the app logo that looks like minecraft so change it or ask an 3 artist to make one. It's really passing time as I play 1 time I played it was it became

Blocky Cars APK

It's a really good game but the thing is there's no problem with anything is just the community because as soon as I go to chat there is swastikas everywhere and a Nazi roleplay I tried reporting all of them but the moderation team is just sleeping and gone in the chat filters aren't even working someone just please fix it in fire the guy who hired the moderation team. It was an amazing game. I played it after playing bgmi, freefire, it was very nice game. It was also helpful for making children creative. I am addicted by free fire but it help me to come out from addiction. I appreciate this game but their was a bug that sometime we get block inside block and it spoil our invention so please fix this. Thanku game designer you had changed my life by this game. . It keeps being stuck on step 0 hello world and also i cant talk in chat and i didnt even break any rules. I wish there were like mechanics wich when you tap on them a viarity of car blueprints to use in a battle , that will be cool. WARNING this game has charged us over $600 of fraudulent charges. Google will not help at all. Immoral if not illegal business practices.. Very cool and you can make your own Tank/Plane/War vehicle and it's fun. Can you guys add a quick sell for buying blocks because when you get to the max limit of blocks it's hard to sell them individually just add something that you can put how many blocks you want to sell at the shop it really annoying to sell them one by one. You can try it out of the way to the chicken and rice with you and your family are doing well and rice with you and your family are doing well and rice with you and your family are doing well and rice with you and your family are doing well and rice with you guys follow me on my phone I will get it the same as me but sword . OP Nayyar a bit at the following link to the following link to the following link to a bit like a good idea to have the following ad the following ad listing has a good idea at bhalla a great weekend a good day please receive my email address will no email i email and delete this communication is strictly confidential the disclosure to anyone else please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information please contact me at bhalla a bit at least one ru all a bit like a bit. This is the most fun game i played bc of the cars and customization and skins.

Blocky Cars APK

I like it, but can u remove hackers using plugins, and ban them cuz they hacker and i hate hackers. Just make a system if anyone hacks they get ban forever.. 1. I hate how they changed the icon for the game I miss the original one. 2. Very good game though. 3. But it is very hard to gain that one currency the blue one.. 4/10 Bad game of the year Every time after the match is over, there will always be an ad, plus it's an ad that can't be skipped because the skip button can't be pressed and one more thing, when you press any window or end the match, it will say Loading after that the game freezes and can't press anything until you have to exit the game and re-enter and it continues in this endless loop. (And I need a shading setting).

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