NameSuper Stick Fight All Star
ReleaseOnegame Studio Global

Actions section where you need not realistic graphics but maximum epicness… Super Stick Fight All-Star is a newfangled action game that has won many players’ interest. You can immerse yourself in a completely different world, combining simple and pleasant graphics and tough battles with a real opponent. We will be able to assemble a special team consisting of the heroes of the same universe.

From time to time, more new complete sets of heroes are added here, which will not be easy to assemble. The meaning of the toy is relatively straightforward; you will have to fight using various abilities against bosses and other users. Here you will not see very realistic graphics; the characters are pretty simple and are typical representatives of the Stichman style.

Super Stick Fight All Star MOD

I like everything about this game but the powerful heroes can only be bye by real money you should give an option to buy them in coins please please please . The game is good and it has good characters but they should add a bigger hit box to the characters who don't have swords and lower the hell bosses health. This is good game I don't know why but it just go and no anything I am tell you sorry very much very I think you is is not fun that Minecraft because Minecraft is open I am not able to play mindcraft soil ladies I don't know my school buses just go because this game has everything character I think you really enjoy this game so please try this game I really hope you like this game this game characters are slow so much Salim I hope that character future more fatty because this not like. Please make this game online to make me and my friend play if you make this i give a 5 star. Amazing game can't stop playing but if there was no ads it would be the best if they made a football one lot's of people would play but I recommend it. THANK you for making this game..

Super Stick Fight All Star APK

Love this game I so cool awasom action game i Wich there can create a new version of this one. Nice its so so so cool and I think i have no problem or anything to say aboutthe disturbing about it. Please you guys buy data for me so that i can download the game you are talking i promise i will give you free data to do what ever you want my name is Desmond odjida manu .. Awesome game amazing but needs to be updated I think you should add my hero acidamia characters demon slayer characters and luffy has a new form gear 5 you should add besides that awesome great game .

Super Stick Fight All Star APK

This game is not bad But it's on my first rank. But thanks for making this I actually like it.. It amazing but you should update it and the characters you should also add my hero academia characters and demon slayer characters. can you add the seven deadly sins to the game is will be so amazing pls do the seven deadly sins. Great game thr only problem is it is hard tk level up get money and it also needs an update asap or else this game will be dead in a few weeks or depending on the players and marketing a few months.

Super Stick Fight All Star APK

this very excellent game but there are many ads pls fix it and also add ultra ego vegita and ssj 4 goku pls and add beast gohan and gogito,karoly black,goten& trunks. otherwise gome is very good. and add few more mode and add some more characters pls bug fixing. I really love this game.... I'll give it a 5 star and the ads are not that annoying, it's alright. This game passes time and it's enjoyable.. This is one of the best games I played. With some more effort and bug fixing I could enjoy it more. Its a great experience. 100 recommended. Could you pls change the ultimate of satamai/saitama pls change it to serious punch i really want that plssss plss.

This game is nice but do not sold any character with any real currency that gogetama and saitama fusion character you sold at 9000 rs that very bad. Fix your guy's pvp mode ok, I used a card on my dark luffy 3th gear and it says that he now is at 2.1 million power, I go into pvp, almost get smoked by someone using dark vezita, look at the power ratings after the match, and see that my dude is set to 461k... he's stronger if I use a 2 star card than a 4 star card bro. It's an interesting game and I would like to recommend it to anyone else out there to try this masterpiece.. I love the game because it's tricky and I get to Defeat Other characters that I know from movies and series.

nvm, this is the worst game ive ever played.. like.. if you go to heroes and then click on Yoku SSJ1 and you tapped "Evolve" into it, then, after clicking the "Souls" then you tapped into Heroes, it will automatically turn you back into Yoku (the base form of Yoku SSJ1) and then if you click on Yoku SSJ1, it will say in the "Evolve 0/10" like c'mon bruh...

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