NameLast Night Horror Online
Size184.49 Mb
ReleaseGarden of Dreams Games

Unrealistically attractive online horror. In the Last Night Horror Online project, you can play with your friends and test their nerves. If you like scary games, this survival project will be a discovery for you.

Play this horror game with your friends, find out who will be the victim, and survive in the most challenging conditions. It’s time to explore a vast dark area and visit a scary hospital, a mysterious laboratory, and creepy rooms. Try to solve the most complicated puzzles and use various items to avoid absolute horror. Confidently move forward, experience this adventure to the end, and try to survive. Horror movies, dark places, strange sounds, and much more will haunt you everywhere. That is why you must muster up the courage to go through the game to the end.

Last Night Horror Online MOD

It would be fun if i could actually PLAY THE GAME. For me, it's sd after ad after ad, and the controls won't even work. (Smh) Fix your game and I might considering trying it again.. Too many ads it is sooo bad game I didn't like I play only one game and this I will abuse. Plss guys dont download this game its so many adss i not recommend to download this game cause by adss so plss dont download this game.. this game is soooo stupidd, This game has a lot of ads, the character of this game walks like a person with gout, all the doors can't be opened, it's like a prison the developer of this game, don't develop the game, if you don't know how to create it properly, this your game, is dumbest game I have ever seen in my life, you are a terrible game developer, you should improve this game.. . Too many ads and laggy. The ads are so annoying,i can't even play your game with peaceful. Lain kali kalau tkda niat nk buat game baik takyah kalau dpt setiap saat tu nk letak iklan,tak bagi kesempatan alu untuk org main game anying .

Last Night Horror Online APK

The worst game I have seen in my life, the control is bad, the ads are so many that I felt disgusted, the graphics are bad and everything is bad, my advice is that no one plays this game.. Me and My Cousin And my brother downloaded this game but when i readed all the comments everyone Said i has a ton of ads and alot of bugs so i deleted it it was obvious :/. Sorry gotta give it a one. There are so many things i would like too say but ill keep it simple for those who would like to try this. 1 - the doors can't open of any keys. 2 - bugs and glitches needs to be fix. 3 - you need to control the ads every 1 min i got an ad, yes literally so i wouldn't recommend this game till you improve your game and the your game ratings will go down even more and not be playable but overall it has lot of potential.. 1.The ads are annoying it pops out every minute 2.The game has bad fps even tho our device can handle this game 3.Door problems.

Last Night Horror Online APK

Bruh the adsdont install it guys..this game doesn't even want you to just want to show you some start playing and 3 second later you will get ads..after done watching ads...u will see another ads after 5 second playing...its not even a stupid game developer. To the game developers, I would like you to fix it again. So that players can play with a sense of calm and fun. Please reduce ads and improve character movement control in this game.. Too many ads ....I can't even play ...after I finish Ada brother got ads....after he finished I got ads....we can't even start the game .....don't play this stupid game lame. super laggy po and di sya nakakatuwa laruin kase madyado nga syang laggy start palang ng game sana paayos po.

Last Night Horror Online APK

Game qu nhiu qung co vy cng lm game na game nh c cu bnh dng. Worst game in the world I'm choosing English language and then back to not English The biggest dustbin in the world. I play this game with my cousin pretty much all the time after school and we haven't beaten it full quite yet but we're in the process of it. And I will say it's a pretty decent game to play, but I recommend doing it with someone you know that you feel comfortable praying it with. Again it's a decent game to play.. Please improve your control settings, that can anyone customize controller location, and running of characters is like walking not running...

Horrifically bad controls. Why in the world with the game need to record audio and why repeatedly ask for it before finally letting me deny and don't ask. Uninstalled.. Game burik ada pintu tapi tak boleh guna game sampah button untuk crouch takde scam membe nak main pun inbvisible gausah buat game kalau selalu ngebug baik main epep dari game ni sampah do takya buat game ah kalau camni asik bug baik takyah main. other factors aside, I will talk about this game like. Characters in the game can't interact with anything, or there are but they're too hidden to find. fps seems like less than 30fps? or less than 20fps? This makes the feeling of being chased by ghosts no longer feel afraid. and to the ghost, at first glance it's really stupid in terms of AI, yeah that's enough for us to stop playing and wait for an update to improve this game.

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