NameBrawl Stars

It’s time to arrange a real brawl in this interesting project. Download Brawl Stars for Android, and you will meet a great team of friends who are ready for all the epic adventures.

You should go into your favorite game mode, play very fast fights, and still win this crazy brawl. This game project can be played alone, as well as with friends. Get ready for a real battle royale, when the last survivor will be the winner.

Collect gems, fight against other opponents, and decide which one of you is stronger. From the very beginning, you will have to collect exactly 10 gems, and then hold them until complete victory. Try to collect all the stars for your brigade, but be very careful not to have them taken from you.

On other levels, you will have to crack the safe that the other team is protecting. There are gems that you can take for yourself. To do this, you have a certain time, so you need to act very quickly.

Unlock a wide variety of characters, upgrade your skills and win every duel. Become a true star player, earn more points and win all confrontations.

Brawl Stars MOD

Why is the group message not displayed when I create a group? Please fix it supercell.I play this game long time i love this game . I like the game but sometimes I join a match I does not lode quick enough and I am the first one to lose Evan know I had internet. halo developer!, sebelumnya saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kepada anda karena game ini sudah menghibur saya sekitar 1 tahun lebih, saya tidak merasakan bosan sama sekali. Tetapi ada beberapa kekurangan dari game ini yaitu terkadang saya mendapatkan rekan setim yang kurang kompak, disini juga tidak ada fitur komunikasi untuk tim ketika bermain dalam sebuah permainan, yang mengharuskan kita bermain dengan menggunakan kepekaan dan kekompakan yang lebih. Mungkin hanya itu kekurangannya, thanks.. Used to be fun but has become increasingly a pay to win game. Match-making puts you against players who are level 11 when you are 1. Another corporation becoming greedy as usual.. I honestly don't know what is worse, the SBMM in this game or the American Political system. Both are a tire fire inside a dumpster fire, and I'm struggling to differentiate the two from one another. If I could give less than a 1 star rating, I wouldn't hesitate.

Brawl Stars APK

To be honest this game is six star worthy but I can't log in at event.brawlstars it keeps saying my email is invalid pls fix it. On thing i hate is that when they changed trophey road rewards to credits i dindn't get my already colected rewards what is a bit scam so now is too hard to get new brawler an i have only 1 chromatick not 2 i could get.. supercell makes the best games ever however they have a tendency to make a bad decisions like removing world chat from clash of clans and removing brawl boxes from brawl stars which is why I'm gonna lower my rating. After biting my phone from rage due to this game. I think I am completely qualified to critique this game. 5 out of 5 stars, if ur sick of cr than play this, the early game is boring bc it's full of bots but after that it's sweaty. To the extent that you don't need to take showers.

Brawl Stars APK

Mega pig event rewards are straight up garbage. Came back to the game and this is what replaced the clan shop. All these Supercell games are starting to get greedy (more than normal). Even Clash of Clans is slowly starting to go down this road. It's a damn shame. The game itself is still enjoyable from time to time though.. Never lags, except the last game to rank 23 and i lost like 10 games because that stupid wifi sign pops up mid battle for no reason while I'm right next to the router.. After the recent update the game has lost its potential and uniqueness. Brawl Stars was best with its Brawl Boxes and classiness, but now it's gotten worst. Definitely a ok game but should definitely bring back brawl boxes. Brawl boxes made getting a new character more exciting instead of picking the character you want like how it is now..

Brawl Stars APK

Oh my god remove the mega pig and add the club shop back, the mega pig is awful it barely gives anything. It is really good. Im not gonna lie i got an epic brawler pam yes pam and in a legendary star drop.. very fun and very addictive but why are brawl passes going to be with money i am personally a f2p and i was planning in buying my first brawl pass(i have been playing since the release date) and i haven't gotten 1 brawl pass and now my chanses are ruined pleese brawl stars make the brawl passes with gems. I have been playing this game for years and it is my favourite game but nowadays it has become unplayable because there is huge network ping and lag issues even my network speed is great My game crashes again and again whenever I start a match . I even complained it to Brawl stars support team but they said check your network buty network is good but my game still crashes I don't know if it is after new update . It irrates me a lot . I think now it's time for me to leave this game permanently ..

Great game so fun I just wish I can get someday virus 8-bit (best game ever in history ever in the world in the universe). The brawlers have a lot of difference in terms of power...I mean some are OVERPOWRED.. and borken for eg the new brawler(the spider one).... It is ofc pay to win cause any free 2 play player cant unlock it while it os broken and when f2p can Finnaly unlock it thr brawler is already patched... I like the game but the reason I gave it a 3 star is because it bans me from the match for having bad connection I saw my connection it was fine second reason it bans me for no reason. this game is all that i need, Even at the very start i am already yet one of the pro players, its kinda P2W but i don't mind it as long as we got free stuff easily, e.g the starr crate thing you get whenever you play a couple of rounds. Very good game and its reccomended..

Enjoyable, but end-game rewards are atrocious, especially if you'd like to max level characters. This makes the game feel extremely slow and unrewarding for the effort. It also has a lot of characters, which makes an insane grind.. I been playing this game from 2019. And this is the end date cause there is not a single mode which is good they already introduced ton of brawl and every new one is broken. They kept changing balance sheet like day to day activities. Having coins is so hard equals to gems and every single thing requires quiet amount of coins which is frustrating. Feeling so bad causes it was so good as first with all boxes and good amount of coins and Gems.but now it's all about the brawl pass. Great community. Very impressed as a new player, really hoping there is a long term value and it feels like there is! edit: Still enjoy the game. I genuinely wish there was more of a way to progress without forking over money. The value of the gems is astronomical and it took so long to just get a couple brawlers with gadgets without buying something. 2nd edit: mega pig event was horrible im losing steam on this game. wouldn't start playing this right now. They will remove brawl pass with the biggest blabla back up just to let people buy more instead of being a game. I can promise you that i will leave when this update (jan 24) arrives, for the 3rd time im leaving brawl cause the devs take specimen that make em see pink elephants....

I have a lot to say about this game. I'm a regular player who has bought the brawl pass and spent countless hours grinding each brawler to rank 20. And the gameplay I love. The community and developers are quite amazing. Edit: They've turned it around from the gears update. Brawl > Clash Royale? Edit: Brawl Evolutions exist and yes they are fun, but encourage pay to win. Make it easier or more accessible to get hypercharges please . 10% linear power is bad Edit: BP+ seriously, BRUH MOMENT.. This game sucks and it is so hard.Thus, when it's very hard people will continue to keep losing because of these brats who keep winning .The creator should make it easier with some passes and not increase the price of gems or brawlers.It is super annoying and thus I rate it very low. I hope u do something about it and change the rules!! and make it easier then I will rate it it higher:/. Dear Community I have one request. I need an option to report player. It's being too annoying for us to push in solo powerplay as random people are just sitting in corner and doing nothing. It's becoming 2v3 which I really hate and we lose. Please do something for players like them it's becoming annoying for us to play. Please add some report button Or something to prevent toxic players.. Easy to get used to and a lot of endless fun. Like mentioned in outher reviews pay to win is coming in to the game. Other than the large sponsorship with Mr Beast there is little advertising done. The best characters really hard to get and once again the pay to win factor really creeps in..

Excellent Mechanics and ideas especially skins but one issue is Brawl TV please make it more usable otherwise it feels like a useless button.. This game is rlly fun but the no password thing affected me,my account got hacked by my friend and it rlly hard to recover from what he did. I used to love this game. Played it all the time. But with this recent update, I've learned that I would love to work for brawl stars because of all the WEED they SMOKE while designing brawlers. Charlie was definitely NOT play tested before being available for everyone. Not only does she do unbelievably fast and high damage, but her super makes you sit and stare at the screen for 10 seconds contemplating why you downloaded this game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, THE DEVS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS. I don't know why in the recent days the game is showing internet errors I just sit beside my router still it's not working every time i tap a button the lags and exits supercell please solve this problem it's very Annoying.

Pure pay to win after power 11 came out. Power league is stupid and you get matched into high power level people and your teammate is a power 1. The optimisation ever since Lola's update is atrocious as well. Games like honkai star rail and genshin impact use less battery, heat up less and have better graphics than brawl stars. My phone has a powerful chipset and can run those games at full speed. This game after 10 minutes makes my phone a volcano and throttles at 55 fps and target fps is 120.. Good game. There are a lot of interesting interactions between all brawlers. It might seem simple at first, but you have to take into account the gadgets and the star powers. You choose how you want to upgrade and have fun with. I would say there are very few brawlers that aren't fun. Honestly, most of them can have their moments. This game IS grindy for free to play players, what do you expect? They need to make money, buuut its not as bad as it seems it's possible to get every brawler in the g. Game Force closes every time I open it I reinstalled I've cleared cash cleared storage nothing is working it just started happening around the last update on Halloween I love the game would like to have this fixed please . Remove this feature? This Game is Changed Automatically Club President Demoted to Vice President, Create a Club Collection members very difficult, I'm Dislike this feature .

Very fun game and competitive. Not pay to win at all, plenty of progression without buying anything. One of the best mobile games out there.. This is a weird game because if u press the camera in the lobby something weird is happening and there's these cameras around this place called Starr park and there's footage you can find in the cameras and it's crazy. I love playing this game with my little brother, it's really heartwarming when we both play together and win games !. One of those, play once and a while games but when you play it, makes you say otherwise. Still the same type of game though.

I think the way that you get brawlers was better before the update but I rate it 4stars because is very difficult to farm gems and all the good skins are with gems so you need to play to much and I gots u addicted. BTW to play with cool things and brawlers or U farm asf or U buy it with real money.. Long ago this game had such awful quality and Haven't you seen the Ugly Mortis skin. oh my god I got scared! Did him dirty on that but now I'm just so happy that this game is S-Tier Totally deserves 5-star. Good bro but hard but I'm gonna let that slide this game is amazing it's the characters that look so detailed.....mostly groms backwonder he put inside the back bomb.

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