NamePunch Machine
ReleaseRollic Games

“Punch Machine” is an exhilarating arcade game where players unleash their inner strength on a digital punching bag. With vibrant graphics and intuitive controls, it’s a test of speed, precision, and power. Rack up points by delivering well-timed punches and building combos. Customize your character, from gloves to outfits, for a personal touch. Challenge friends in multiplayer mode or climb global leaderboards solo. Unlock new levels and environments as you advance, keeping the excitement fresh. Whether you’re blowing off steam or seeking a competitive thrill, “Punch Machine” offers a knockout experience that will leave you hooked and craving another round.

Punch Machine MOD

The game was fun, until the new update. The game lags and freezes. I am forced to restart my phone. I was playing without an internet connection before the update, now if I do not have an internet connection, the game won't start. Fix the game.... PvP keeps breaking my game, forcing me to close the app every time I finish a game because it gets stuck at the "Level Completed" screen. worst game ever I get ads every minute THIS GAME IS SO HARD IT DOESNT EVEN GIVE ME POWERUPS ITS SO HARD DONT INSTALL THIS IS JUST ADS. The game won't even open, I've had to force restart my phone because the game just freezes on the loading screen and crashes making it to where it's stuck on the loading screen and not allowing me to close the app.. Was playing on and off for quite a while (level 500), and when I saw there was an update I was excited! Absolutely destroyed the game. Ad loading now makes the game move at a crawl after every level, and there's more than before for certain. Killed their own game with greed, sucks since it looked like the new content would have been fun to see. Just isn't worth wasting my time..

Punch Machine APK

every thing is related to ads...and game mechanics are awful because you cant progress at level 60 i still cant progress a little bit. The game is good. But you have to try so hard for the big reward at the end and it isn't even permanent. You have it for one round then it disappears. You play for hours to work towards something you're only allowed to keep for around 2 minutes.. its is very cool but Some reason Its actually Very hard so please Foxs it its about the Geting 50,100 and something it needa get better. Pls make it offline and make it not laggy thank you if you do it maybe ill change my review.

Punch Machine APK

this game is stupid. it's nothing like the ads they put on other games. it's set up just like all the other stupid shooting games that u run down a line and u have to watch a ton of ads to get anywhere. not worth your time.. Paid for no ads and still got ads!!! Overal fun silly game but posessed with ads!!!!!!! Misleading "no ads" button. Horrendous game, even with rollic standards. And that's saying something. EVERYTHING in this game is masterfully crafted in such a way to make you watch as many ads as possible, get as little resources as possible (to the point where you can end up getting 0 gold from a level) and enjoy yourself as little as possible. "Power-ups" like flying punch and clone end up hindering you more than helping you, as they attack the same target as you and sometimes make your punches not register.. C'mon. the game crashes every time an ad plays, which is like every 30 seconds. Can't even play this if I wanted to .

Punch Machine APK

For every 30 seconds of gameplay it gives 4 ads that you cannot pass up if you want to succeed and that is not including getting the extra fighters for 1 ad each.. This gane is not even close to tge adds i was expecting it to be better L game dont try. I'm on level 3000 I've watched multiple videos. It made them a lot of money through these ads. Why would you turn my guys down? I spent hours building him up and you turned him down very disappointed. So it seemed fine till you start playing it you pretty much can't get anywhere unless you watch 10 to 30 seconds ads even then you can't get much farther but if you Wanna try it don't say I didn't warn you.

Game is too glitchy even after I purchased no adds, needs to be restarted after every match, if the game didn't have this problem it would be fun to play. If no data is collected, then why does it demand the internet to play Ever game with the elephant on a ball cant be played offline even if it says offline. I'm being generous with 2 stars. This game is just garbage. I get a random pop-up after I finish a level, and it makes my phone laggy, and I can't play the game anymore unless I open and close it.. why to many ads you complet lvl you got ads its note a game its only ads showing machine lol and stupid game ever.

ad of this game is about 2 minutes, they are thinking that people will love this game because of long ads while no one like it.. Without the extra person power up to advance, this game is useless. You never fully get to the omega power up at the end of the level. Unlike other games of this category, this game just leads you on. Not worth downloading unless you just want to waste time unnecessarily.. This game is broken, I purchased the option no adds and it took my money and I didn't get what I paid for, still get adds.. The ads sometimes don't work and u have to exit the app. And you need to watch ads to make progress..

Terrible game, BARELY PLAYABLE, Orange screens after every level that dont go away until you force quit the app, the game itself is buggy & slow & made such that you will never reach the goal wothout spending, its really the worst game I've 'played' in ages, I installed it for a few mins before removing it due to bugs & bugging out my whole phone - IDIOTS MADE THIS GAME, STAY AWAY. I made the mistake of purchasing the no ads options. So because I did this the game glitches out. It's slow to an almost unplayable measure, and the menu thatlets me exit the game. Keeps glitching in and out, so I basically have to time it if I want to leave the game. Essentially, it is locking me out of my phone. This all happened because I decided to purchase no ads. ITS COOL BRO LIKE. i played thus game i had alot of fun even its offline or online it need wifi IM STILL LOVING IT LIKE.(btw when i say L-I-K-E i make it another sentence). Very upset because I had to reinstall the game I had already made a $21.99 purchase for infinite skips and I no longer have that option in the menu it won't let me restore my purchase please or I would like my money back.

Standard rollic games release. 12 seconds of game play, 45 seconds of ads. Not even a fun game. Trash chinese cash grab..

Download ( V3.5.7 )

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