NameLarva Heroes: Remake

Action to protect our planet. Larva Heroes: Remake invites us to protect the Earth from a powerful enemy. It is you who must become the main character of the upcoming battle and win.

A huge amount of new content, incredible adventures, various concepts, and everything else for your entertainment. You will have to visit three areas of adventure, where there will be difficulties and chic bonuses. An interesting stage mode where you have to clear the whole area and level up your main character. A chic viral mode in which you will have to defeat monsters that are infected with terrible viruses. You will have to collect certain fragments of the hero, soul beads, and much more, which are only available in this mode. Do not forget about the master mode, where you will have to defeat the most powerful monsters. Get valuable rewards, and unlock new costumes to destroy any enemy.

Larva Heroes: Remake MOD

For a remake this is honestly pretty disappointing other than the fact that the new artstyle is nice, most of the things remains the same like no new units or heroes, and the fact that you now require internet to play this makes this even worse. This game was good but I have a better Idea to make it lovely or should I say better. So you should make a new game filled with the same mechanics but also new ones. For example and the main heroes but add pink since its in the lavenger episode on season 2 larva and from larva Island add mango since it would ideally make sense. Now finally in larva family add magenta and big brown since it would go well in the time line. And for the units add the same but you should definitely add fitting ones.. More Like Larva Heroes: Rehash! Here's Why: All Heroes (Except Red & Yellow Cost Magic Candy) Yellow, Red & Super Yellow Hero Friends Are Removed For No Given Reason Game Is Still Pay & Play As Yellow To Win Game Is Still Grindy Easy & Master Difficulties Are Removed. Various Languages Are Grammarcaly Incorrect Ect.. Can you please remove the feature were you need to make or use an account because back then you just had to tap the screen please remove it I wanna relive my childhood :(. Game is good but sometimes i watch ad for reward and i didnt get the reward after watching the ad.Such A Scam!.

Larva Heroes: Remake APK

The game is cool in the old one it offers if your a child or adult and It gives you free 200 candy so pls let this one too and by the Way it works the super yellow problem. All the series of the games are very nice but unfortunately specifically this one is not. You can no longer farm magic candies only via watching ads. Also I'm very frustrated about the fact that I paid 10$ for in game currency and I didn't receive any. Also the developer's won't answer my emails. I strongly recommend to avoid it.. Way too many ads to get to the good stuff lol, i get it that u need to make money but 14 ads daily to get to those candies that's 7 min i have to waste watching ads everyday if i want to get something good so hell nah don't waste your times playing this game lol. Sometimes I Play It Actually Works But Until I Deleted It And Installed It Back It Said "No Internet Connection Please Try Again" I EVEN HAVE WIFI I THINK THIS IS BROKE So Thats Why I Rate 3 Stars.

Larva Heroes: Remake APK

(Serios review here) I have both app the remake and the original larva heroes and i just wanna tell that the game is a kinda of p2w, wait why kind of it's literally p2w cause at the beginning i can easily see the problem, and that is the candy, dude it's hard to get candy, literally, the original is way more better but i dont say that the original is good because it's both p2w, please tuba, make it easy to get candy, i dont easily i mean about that is make us able to get more candy without p2w. I love Bendy you too I have cool for the day I have a good friend of mine and LARVA HEROES: Remake app :3. The app was kinda a little bit of hard and p2w (pay to win) Pls make easier and to unlock more worlds you need to add easy and master mode I kinda miss those gamemodes. I like it its just that if you dont have a friend in world 3 you will easily lose pls nerf world 3 a bit.

Larva Heroes: Remake APK

This game is good but there is a problem. Getting the daily gift with ads was not a problem for a few days. Then, I cannot watch ads more than once and it is not because of my internet connection. To get the daily gifts you have to exit the game and re-enter to watch one ad everytime and it gets frustratating over time. So, this is the problem, not giving ads properly. Hope you see my review and please fix the problem. Thanks.. I love it though you have the best game - Can you make it offline at the intro so I can play anytime like the other games please?. The game is fun but the watch ads for candy is missing and its hard to get candies Pls add it. Very great game i hope there is a cloud save of fb saving so the progress won't get reset or lost.

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