NameBhop Pro

Many obstacles are waiting for you to overcome. Bhop Pro is your allowedortunity to test yourvariousriety of situations and stay alive. You will prove to everyone how you cchallengingifficult levemanya lot of points for it and complete the game. Get a good rating, rise to the first position in the standings, and do your best to be the best in your business.

Would you like to test your skills, become a real hero of this time and come to the finish line alive? Choosing a good and very sharp weapon come in handy throughout the journey. Develop incredible speed to pass all obstacles, break away from ponents and not lose control. There are a lot of weapons, knives,s, finks and much more, and your future will depend on them. If you need some advice, then this project will be able to prove with ide you and direct you on the righPrepareet ready to jump well so as not to fall into a terrible abyss. There is excellent multiplayer in which you can play with your friends and many other layers. So g; everything will be interesting and exciting.

Bhop Pro MOD

I like the theme of this game but I don't like the character movement controls because they are too slippery and difficult to control when I play. The amount of effort put in this game is fairly decent. Much better than Bhop GO, I would even choose this as an alternative. Overall, This deserves 5 stars.. I like the game but when you fall it's so freaking long why don't and an reset button btw it has so many ads and the joystick the analog is trash the screen control it too. I like it it's fun and i can not be tired of playing but the only thing that don't like is the ad's. Its a very good game good speedruns and very good gaming experience but i would like to see some character skins and some dance emotes would be pretty cool..

Bhop Pro APK

I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH AND THIS GAME MAKE ME STRESS AND TOXIC AND MANY ADDS I WANT GIVE 0 STARS BUT CAN'T I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH2. Bhop pro is so fun there is many maps but not that many modes but it is still very very FUN. The game is stupid that's why I'm giving it a 1 star....i get to the end of the round and then it makes me restart without me even falling or dyingfix the problem and I'll consider changing the star. It's a nice game but there's a lot of exploiter pls ban them because it annoying when they are always winning and they are ruining the relaxing music and pls ban them as always..

Bhop Pro APK

The game is really overwhelmed for me, because of many bad ads, bugs, and hideous cheaters and hackers tried to finish around every map. The hackers are using some of screen bugging and lagging the game. Some of bastards tried to cheat any modes. I don't want to waste my time playing this game and it's not being good enough for me. I do not recommend it.. I love this game but it has too much ads. Every 2 minutes it and ad. I will give it a 5 stars if they limit the ads. This is the best ever game but there are only small worlds in the main menu I hope you add more and some multiplayer game this is the best game ever!!!. This game is annoying me!! Don't download it's a virus it doesn't let you delete the game and it costed me 1500$ to fix my phone.

Bhop Pro APK

Well I played this game for years and I got top now my user name is over top I love your game. Nah this game is the best but it's more better if u have a ad blocker on so yeahhhhh that's why I have a ad blocker . Very good game! But I have to uninstall it because of my phone storage is always full because of my documents and now I'm installing it. I like the game very much but the thing is the ads it always appear on my screen pls remove the ads and pls add more speedrun map and name it Wall Run you use walls to jump higher..

I love it and there is a bug if you spam jump you go so fast please fix it thats my only problem. It's a great game, I don't mind the ads because I can get in Top 40 easily, but the thing is that I've gotten Top 1 on Alter twice but it doesn't redeem like usually if I get in Top 40 I see my name and clip.. It's better than run pro I like this game so much that I even play it every day every time. Love this!!!!! The immense emounts of maps and gameplay experiences I love speed running retro run I would reccomend you play that map first but overall this game is a delight!!!.

*Edit* i wanter to make some professional comment regarding avout the game. About 2 years when i left this i am surpriced that the login system took 2 days before returning me to my old account which was the master bhopper 2 (thank god im in elite now) so i was abit worried to be honest but i must say the game looks the same, sure it lags abit but nowsdays players havr high end devices so its not a worldwide problem. Im hoping that you coulf actually add pistol as a display it looks dope.. THIS GAME IS SO GOOD.IT IS A PARKOUR GAME.I LIKE THIS GAME BEUCAUSE IT IS FUN AND OFFLINE I LIKE THIS GAME.. this deserves 3 stars for a reason. First when im buying case i noticed its full of coin and it will make it for players to get knifes and gloves and spinner why dont you put 10 rare items and coin then i will 5 stars rating this.

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