NameModern Warships
ReleaseArtstorm FZE

MODERN WARSHIPS – the most remarkable naval battle. Pick up a great ship, and then go to your first battle. You will command your boat on how to act correctly in a given situation.

The most realistic project, which is entirely dedicated to naval battles. You will be able to get a real combat experience, see and test different ships, as well as modern weapons. Try to sink your first enemy and then win a global victory. In MODERN WARSHIPS, you can see beautiful graphics, well-designed ships, and real battles. Constantly improve your skills, and select weapons for your ship to become the best in combat battles. You can shoot at the enemy with powerful missiles, use carrier-based aircraft, and, if necessary, helicopters.

Modern Warships MOD

This game is best.. i owned the epican ships like FGS F127, CN TYPE 055A & CN DDG 203 KYLIN I soo happy when i get battlepass and event first time but i got Bell V-280 Valor a helicoper Also i buy a Rf shtrom first time I used a pak da bomber first time But i will destroy all emenys... But i got destroyed by Js yamato Aegis. It's like most free mobile games: The extreme grind, questionable mechanics relating to the improvement of player items, & so on. That's not to downplay the probably entire months of work for the intricate details of each ship and the immersion. For some reason, they haven't seemed to cover all realistic ships, and now all of a sudden we have ships with WW2-esque cannons. My only real problem is that I keep crashing on phone, but that's about it.. The weapon controls are lagging and they're reacting late whenever I try to shoot.Some submarines' sonar are also not appearing when they are submerged.The developers should fix those bugs.Otherwise, it's a good game.. It a great game, it has a lot of potential, I really wish they would add more game modes, TDM is getting really boring, they can add conquest or defend the spot, or something different. I AM WAITING FOR THR TANK UPDATE, I WOULD REDOWNLOAD AS SOON AS I SEE THE TANK UPDATE...MUHAHAHAHAHAH. Have been playing a modern warship game for a few weeks now and I want to share my experience with you. The game is very realistic and immersive, with detailed graphics and sound effects. You can choose from different types of warships, such as destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, and submarines. You can also customize your ship with various weapons, armor, and equipment. It's so good.

Modern Warships APK

Level 41, played since day 1. Insane amount of inactive players. 150 members in my clan, 3 online, 50+ players afk 20days and more. There is no end game, so peoplw stop playing. Developers keep pushing premium content, no events, no endgame tournament. Their discord community sucks.. I Uninstall it because it was so lag and it heat up my phone and it keep freezing on it. boleh kalahkan pubg dengan mobile legend game bodo tu.gme ni bagi pengalaman terbaik.cuma tambah kan maps yang yg banyak supaya tak cepat bosan!!!!. Update: the game runs smoothly again now, and there has been huge changes to balance the gameplay. Tha game is not that pay to win for the time being..

Modern Warships APK

I love this game. It is fun and enjoyable even though it takes a lot of battery power to run. But there is one major flaw in this game. Legendary and Hero status is stupid. The concept of it is cool, but it is executed poorly. They lock overpowered stuff behind the status, and you know what that might be ok if it was realistic obtainable. I had to search hard for the way to get the status, and it isn't in the game it's on Discord. The fact that you don't tell us the correct way to get it is BS.. Personally I believe there should be a few more ships added from countries other than US Russia and China, such as uk, france and turkey, and maybe some planes such as the Eurofighter typhoon are added to tier 2 as well as f35. Great game!. I love this one!!! The graphics and controls are masterpiece. You can not only control the ships but also you can control aircrafts. The are good numbers of great ships. And also not only you can buy the ships but also can do trading in free market. This the greatest of my time. I love this game, but please add different daily awards for each month. Since I'm tired of getting the same awards every month. Edit, please let us sell old ships we don't use..

Modern Warships APK

Developer thanks for this very fun game it's have ship missile and more that in other game haven't so this game very fun can you add more ship like hovercraft please answer it's will more fun if there is more ship and fighting. Again became a good game but more battleship class ships would be nice like the Bismarck but for cash not artcoins Or gold. Because atleast one good ship should be available for free. Such an amazing game to play on mobile! But i was wondering if you could add soldiers like that is on the ship that can swim or walk in lands, but if it is high GB i dont care, it will be a popular game on Mobile!. I never seen anything obout that this game I have a good graphics but that is a very bad graphics.

Rubbish because it keeps throwing me out. I downloaded it on my phone. It doesn't throw me out, not one bit. Download it on a tablet, and it throws you off all the time. This game is really awesome like I have been playing it for 4 months and the graphics are amazing I can control a helicopter and a battleship at the same time good job guys keep it upbut there is a problem whenever I play I get kicked out because my tab gets hang and there is little storage so can you please please decrease the GB of the game it would be appreciated. Graphics, gameplay and controls are amazing. But matchmaking needs some fairness. Offline doesn't give much XP and online, we get matched with upper level players even in same tiers. So we don't even last 2 mins with our tiny ships Please make matches based on player level and not tiers.. I have been playing for a long time but I sold my warship for 920 artcoin but i got scammed and got only 700..

Very good game and lots of potential, but I think it needs optimization. I play on a device with 12gb ram and I used to run this game on max graphics with no problem, but over time each update (especially the latest one) I start to get framedrops after a few games when the device starts to heat up, so imagine the people playing this game on much lower or medium range devices I bet they could barely run the game. Please optimize the game because the framedrops are starting to cause problems.. Good graphics but add some more details like the plane getting out in a hanggar and add some animation in catapult liek the plane will go to the catapult then we gonna put in high pressure. My acc name is promax911 im a guest i logged off when i deleted this game amd downloaded it and devs if u see this add a login. This is an awesome game. I just have one issue about getting help with an issue that just occurred. I bid on a USS District of Columbia in the free market. My bid was accepted and my artcoins was taken (605) but I haven't received the sub. I've submitted a support ticket in and I got an email saying my ticket was received but that's all I've heard. I really like this game but this is frustrating. If it wasn't for this it would be 5/5..

Graphics is good, battle experience is also great. I recommend this game for those who love to paly battel games.. Damn this game is so good. I like the graphics, the boats, the gold is so hard to get but it's okay. Love this game and without a doubt my favorite game on the play store I do have issues which include extreme battery usage and occasional crashes but most of that is due to my older phone but the game can be spendy at times so a drop in prices might help my review even more. Best ship PvP game I have ever played "please add offline Matches playable by not using Internet/Wifi "I am just saying.

Very good game design, but does get a little grindy by level 12I mainly think it's so god already if it's on PC,mac. What's Up w/ All The Freezing and Awful Scoring Issues. With All The Money I've Paid to This Game, You Would Think You'll Wpuld Come Up w/ More Maps And More Consistent Game Play. Get It Together. Game nya bagus parah epik gila... Lo harus lah download ni game. Buat developer saya sarankan untuk menghilangkan bug, saya pernah main koneksi bagus lancar lalu tiba tiba Disconect saya sarankan hilang bug, lalu untuk grafik mohon di tambahkan supaya cantik sebenarnya si udah bagus grafiknya sayangnya kapalnya tidak terlihat realistis padahal dalam unsur ledakan dan tembakan sudah bagus, dan 1 lagi tolong dalam pertempuran PvP playernya ditambahkan seperti 10vs10, saya rasa cukup. I'm at level 33 and had my some of my submarines loaded with legendary weapons and now I find that they've all just disappeared. What the hell!? What did you guys do with my legendary weapons? Please help me out here..

Only reason I'm doing a 4 star is because I have screen shots of where the customer support center responded back to me in a rude way. I was not happy at all when I spend alot on the game and they did nothing to help.. Do you people even play your own game. Tier 2 nukes ruin the game barracuda with 3 torpedoes unbalances the game too much. Those huws torpedos on the barracuda do 70k+ damage in one volley. No need to use any other sub now that the barracuda has 3 torpedos. This changes make the game not much fun. Nukes that do 25k damage are retarded for tier 2 game play.. Great and addicting game ... love this game, but the constant game play freezes and server lag since last update is beyond frustrating. Really good game but can you work harder on the tank update. One problems i jave is that now that i play whenever i try to enter it blacks out and kicks me out..

I like the game, but i can't have fun with it, it's more of a pay to win than it is to actually progress, even with a maxed out destroyer and cruiser I can barely even destroy the enemy team, which makes it really hard to progress, in this games state right now I don't think I'll be on it much as I'd like to be, might even not play it if it's like this if I even get to at least progress further. 2 stars for a glitch I wasted my 2 million dollars on repair kits but due a glitch I was buying 50 for 500k and the amt was debited but the supplies was still zero... I tried it for 3 more times again and then I was fed up because of no repair kits I was loosing frequently... Gameplay and graphics are crazy.... As of now I have uninstalled the game due to rage.... If developers reply and fix the issue... I will be happy to play the, game again. The game disabled my ads I can't get daily gold after a certain level it's impossible to get a decent game it's pay to play theships you can buy and fully upgrade become weak obselete can't compete with legendary and rare ships you can't buy and I can't get artcoins so it's impossible to get special ships unless I buy for extortionate prices. I would like you to add Indian Navy ships and Indian made cannons,and weapons to your arsenal overall it's a good game.

I can defeat a ship carrier by myself using the fixing icon I give it a 5 because I like it have equipment that we can buy even if I don't have enough rocket launcher but I can even buy it. (Well this is my updated review) This game is actually a excellent game and best choice if you're looking for a high realistic graphics. Some bugs were cleared but the most annoying error!! is the "Invite for squadron" The invite response comes after a long moment. When I invite my friend to play the invite send response comes after a 1-2 minutes and then to know wheather the invite accepted or not again it comes after 2-3 minutes well this should be done in milliseconds for best experience.. Game is running very smoothly untill fighter jets take off...after totally lags even in a 4GB Snapdragon 680 mobile.... After update it's become worst i have 4 GB RAM WITH 1GB extention means RAM 5GB,storage left 32.8 out of 64 GB,as well as i set up all grapics in Low,but after that playing 2 or 3 online matches phone hang suddenly even fps going to be worse"est" after 10 to 15 sec later or more than than my ship sunk.........even i only play MW not even 10 MB chess games.....Very dissapointed,may be goodbye this game(sadly).

Please do this in next update - 1. We can play underwater on submarine 2.we can fly jet by ships 3.strong graphics multiplayer and offline mode 5.Keep it up. This is a good game, Im suggesting for the next update maybe nerfed the Chinese ship AA on T2 and add more gun that you can buy with in game Money not Gold and Artcoin. Give more healt to every plane and drone because the AA buff is too much. And add more bonus when you level up. Theres some toxic player so why don't just auto ban player when they say certain word and not just relly on mods. But yeah Its a great game definitely suggest it.. This game is very interesting and There are lot of ships from there are helicopters we can kill with helicopters there weapons like missiles guns did I like this game very interesting please try it wars of ships. it is very beautiful game. if add some pre-set phrases for in-battle communication will be lovely. and too many updating.. did not get chance to play it after update it...

My experience in modern warships today were make me very sad because I has been reach level 21 .Suddenly ,I open the game today and alls my progress dissappear .Also my level drop to level one .I am very disappointed because I took one year to reach level 21.. The game is so realistic and i love the planes and strikers and it only needed 1.5 gb,its a very fun game and theres no bugs,this is the best mobile game. Awesome game with outstanding OST (added to playlist), gameplay, vastness of ships, ammo, aircrafts, skins and so on. The gameplay seems solid and controls are very intuitive. I will definitely add to this review in the upcoming months after i've had the chance to thoroughly play some of the more challenging ships such as carriers. Looks good so far since there are NO ADS except the ones that grant you bonuses hourly which is a HUGE plus in this day and age. Keep it up Devs, you should be proud!. Overall I really really enjoyed the game and had fun playing with friends, but I can't help notice that it constantly crashed and freezes on a Redmi 10C Device with 6 ram and around 60GB of storage remaining.

Fun till the pay to play players enter the game and two shot you with guided torpedoes. If you play this game for free your just entertainment for them, I'd give a zero but enough free and fair players that you don't always have to deal with pay pigs.. I would suggest the developers to please keep modern ships only not the former or future ships as the game is losing its real world appearance which had indeed reduced it's interesting part "modern warships" part and also keep main country ships and amo which concludes the USA China and Russia and also I would suggest that the developers would keep two sections divided for upgraded and non upgraded to increase valuability of the game. You can do this in a major update announment and then update.. In the last update I have 800 artcoin.I selled my helicopter but my artcoin is not I buy it.My artcoin has decreased but the helicopter is not comed my inventory. Not nice.

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