NameGrand Survival
ReleaseBecube Co Ltd

An exciting project for survival. In Grand Survival – Survival will help you conquer the ocean, where many secrets and dangers exist. All you have at your disposal is a raft and brains that you can work with. If you want to survive, you must collect resources, improve your raft, and create items you can live on. Explore nearby islands, and fight terrifying sharks, mutant crabs, and zombies. The main thing is survival; it’s easy to say but challenging to implement. Produce fresh water, cook food, and stay on a raft. At a time when you can understand the basic principles of the game, you can start exploring the ocean and the nearest islands. Find valuable resources, upgrade your raft, craft items, and survive. Do not forget to watch the weather, as staying in a strong storm will be much more challenging.

Grand Survival MOD

I have completed all military base island and I have unlocked the boat now it is showing new task will appear in future when will be the new task appear. The first few minutes the tutorials so long, but its worth the story. I also liked how had storage, instead of losing an item.. Ahhhrrgghhhh... Your ads are annoying like there's no notice to be appeared on screen,it's appear while playing so always accidentally go to playstore then load again,and everytime I push the X button it will go enter directly to play store so I'm very annoyed since the gameplay needs to load a lot by island by island,the disturbances of ads are genuinely annoying.. The amount of time I spend click on ads to close them is unbearable... That's why I deleted this app.... You should have to click 5 or 6 times to play the game not close an ad. When my game time is less then the ad time it's time to delete the game. Ilove this game, want to play more but some bug when collect item on the sea make me stop to play :(.

Grand Survival APK

I had a game with purchases & it's just not accessible, is there a way to transfer purchases to a new save?. Even when the backpack is empty.. i cant find my rewards anywhere, even i have 5 chest. Thats an important material. Please maintenance the game or you can just take my money.. if this game would stop giving random adds in the middle of stuff or black screen when you reach lvl 12 maybe I would rait a 1 star but iv deleted it and started all over cause I don't choose to spend money that the worst thing you can do to a player might as well say must spend actual money to play your guys game only will get one start just so this can be posted is trash game making. My own runs slow and I need help with the tutorial part. But everything is good, the graphics and everything is cool.

Grand Survival APK

Tutorial forced me to watch a full ad. Forget you! EDIT to response - I can't disable ads during a forced tutorial. I've played 1000's of games and never had a full ad during a tutorial, so again, forget you!. You need to get ride of pop up adds that take all the sound out. I will not not play a game that the makers allow the add companies to control someone's else creation. You need to fix this fast. Best game but the zombies are big than rather being a chibi perhaps changing it to same size as the survivors or characters? Btw ur game is a pic I thought this game is trash but I take it back. Dear Becube due to the update yes I did see some improvements like the loading screen and some more stuff but you haven't fixed the main update and that is the lag when your in a raft it keeps on glitching at first then it stops once you have played like more than 5min it becomes worse it glitches which kinda makes me want to delete this game anyway I understand your working hard and I hope you will update the bugs.Thank you for understanding..

Grand Survival APK

Actually use to be one of my absolute favorite survival games, but recently the last few months of updates and price hikes and continual almost rage inducing number of ads, hitting almost every freaking minute and a half, has severely upset me, and killed any and all type of enjoyment I got from this game. I wish I could give it 2+ stars, like the older versions would have had at least 2 and a half to three stars simply due to the purchases and prices in game that kept it from being a five star. I enjoy the game overall..but I am ready to quit because military base is a PAIN...I hate that the one creature keeps spawning and gets stronger each time. And having to click to shuffle threw all weapons to get one u need depending upon what creature you are fighting is a PAIN. I would just skip it but no other locations will open till completed. Similar to something I've played before. Enjoyable but I'm not a fan of the controlling of the character, hehe the 4 stars. Hello team, i am not able to proceed further after military base, that is only one notification that wait for the news. Is it a bug or what?.

Money making game. Only way 2 survive after a short while is to pay for good guns. I paid for a package. I lost the whole lot from dying didnt stand a chance. Don't play game. Literally an amazing game that I want the all experience of adventure and best game i like this most thankyou. Hi guys I really loved this game... I thought I can explore Some of the islands but I could not because this game was Stopped getting missions... I m getting like this message "new task will be available in future updates" so guys please develope this game and give me the updated versions.... so for its good. game was fantastic, eazy to understand, graphics is good, gameplay is fun. however the ads is annoying why do I have to watch ads to grind item why cant we just grind the item just like any normal game. this is why mobile games get a bad reputation..

Too much Ad! It would be okay if the ones we needed for reward are the only one that needs to watch the ads. But playing the game for minutes, and that every 4 to 5 minutes there would be ads. It's getting annoying. Not only that, the energy drains so fast, and the weapons and tools broke so fast too. Frustrating and slow progress.. Bugs...I was on a mission to repair the generator, already put all the items required except for iron wire...the next thing i know it's all were cleared out, everything including the iron wire (which is impossible to get no matter how many times i clear the shell beach,even rummaging through newly exist shed). The game is very fun and looks great. Let's introduce other new maps of the game. Then the game will be more fun to play.. The game is good but is seems broken in raft if travel and come back in raft it started to lagging in raft it gets worse.

False advertising. Liars. Theives. I purchased their "remove ads" option from their shop. The game seems like it would be fun if everything was no longer hidden behind video ads. After making the purchase, I tapped an icon indicating I would receive gold if I watched an ad, fully expecting to receive my gold without watching the ad. I had that expectation because that is how it works in literally every other mobile game in which I have made that purchase. Instead, a video popped up.. Is offline , but for some reason hests my phone and gets laggy, many other games super demanding, and 0 lag, and this one, great lag, also more than 10 ads in my first hour of game, not coming back, thanks.. Its a good game lots of ads but not too much I gave it 1 star because its not finished and it doesnt look like its going to be updated since last update was in 2022 I finished collecting all what was needed for the jetski for nothing it doesnt add anything to the gameplay. Great game but the bug and glitches is really annoying. Need more weapons maybe able upgrade those weapon, worn out too fast. When will the other islands be open?.

Is longest is no ending in a lot of money this is the best game ever been created i can spend of miconazole f*** you. Tutorial makes you watch advertising. Great. Other games skip ads, and just give you the reward. When I say that I do NOT want ads - they still play.. Your game is so buggy, please fix it. Sometimes i lost the track of a quest but it can't be repeated and it bugged my game. Sorry only 2 stars and uninstalling. It could be a good game but too many bugs (one of them, when the mechanic dies and the body disapppears but the arrow just keeps pointing to the ground where he died) and I TRULY HATE how I can't get an item right beneath my feet without going ballistic on the zombies, crabs or whatever's around AND the character automatically uses my best weapon when the currently used is broken/out of ammo.

The app has lot of bugs and its 2023 and there is no changes. I am disappointed for this game such a waste.. Way too many ads... too many bugs... also why am I using energy to do an action? The energy should only be used for traveling not me fishing a log out of the ocean or hitting a door. The game is so good, but there's one problem.. It's so god dam laggy, I put graphics on low and it keeps freezing and the FPS is like 10, I uninstalled the game so please fix this.. Could be better, it's clearly taken inspiration from Last Day On Earth and the movement is a little choppy, when you try to loot and a zombie gets anywhere close to you it automatically cancels, and alot of ads. Ads no good. But yeah I feel like the game could have some major improvements and the game itself isn't too bad I like what they were going for but sad that there isn't any scrap in the ocean. 3/5, 4/5 if you made it so you can loot when a zombie is near and it cancels out if you get hit.

I like the game and it's a really nice experience to go through when bored but fighting is a pain for some reason the hit box for my character is way to big especially when I hit an enemy and run away from them the can still hit even though we're like 3 zombies apart that is really annoying can you fix that please !!!. I have just started to play..and its pretty much good..after playing for few more minutes i have reduced the stars now...there is some heavy problems with storage..u cant add those same materials which r already in the storage from inventory... I've played this just now... Yeah i got some fun but for a while then my whole screen suddenly turned into a black, what was that can u fixs it?.

Download ( V2.8.4 )

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