NameGrand Theft Auto III
ReleaseRockstar Games

You will find a vast city where everything begins. Grand Theft Auto III’s huge metropolis called Liberty City awaits you. He appears before us with his dirty as well as unsightly sides.

From now on, you will be able to immerse yourself in crazy gang warfare, incredible secrets, and a completely open world. Here you will meet countless characters with whom you must communicate and perform specific actions. The acting is superb; you will encounter a crime storyline, revolutionary gameplay as well as a crazy soundtrack before You appear in the legendary game, which became the ancestor of this genre.

You are waiting for carefully improved models, a variety of heroes, as well as a large number of vehicles. Beautiful HD resolution, optimized controls that are great for touch screens. Management can be customized for your game, and you will feel the incredible sea of ​​the craziest events. You must test your hero for strength, drive cool cars, earn dough, and become a professional.

Grand Theft Auto III MOD

The thing that is frustrating is the there is a bug in it and i can't play only for 2 seconds this game needs to be fixed. Installed again and same thing.. Overall pretty good game but shooting controls and aiming are just criminal. You can use this only Rockstar game and amazing graphics, but you can't use bike. Awesome game, controls are simplistic, you fully get to experience GTA III just like xbox and playstation. Aside from a few bugs and camera visual glitches this game is very good, a must recommend. This game worked half decent until today now I can't open the app. This is a great time killer very addicting this game works with a game controller. Makes driving so much easier .. Amazing game. Just like pc and console version with updated models and textures, better graphics, and even 3d engines! Definitely recommend. Offline too so you can play it on the move. Personally, it's my favorite gta game. Besides vice city. I like to play these games on my console, but for my phone I'll make an exception. It runs good, and I haven't run into any problems with it yet. I highly recommend it, it's worth the 5 bucks.. It is good game for mobile that person how will play in PC that play also in mobile. Horrible! Not even close to San Andreas where you have so many Real Jobs to choose. Honest Jobs! I like to Work to Earn my Money. Keywords WORK AND EARN. And the San Andreas have so many other stuff to do on it's Huge map. I definitely wasted my money with this game here.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANY OF THE GTA MOBILE GAMES! THEY CRASH CONSTANTLY AND ROCKSTARS COSTUMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!.

Grand Theft Auto III APK

Mind blowing console like graphics and easy smooth responsive controls!! A lot of fun to play for many hours!! A Must Have for all Video Game Lovers!!. Holy! I LOVE IT! Now I can play an old classic! Amazing!. I love this game but dont know how to use cheat codes , and secondly arms not targetting the exect place while firing. very good but there shood be a mode for pc/computer. this game has no refund this game is very worst plz dont dowload this. I want a refund :( bc it's just not fun and a little laggy. I paid for this app and its not working. Can you fix the bug please??? WHEN are you fixing this Bug? I started again and after the Second Mission with A it just stops working. This game is better than GTA San Andreas a lot better game thank you for it. The game used to work but now it keeps crashing and doesnt even load. A pop message comes up on my phone saying theres a bug on the app. I love this game controlls are good I also love how the characters fingers are not stuck together like it was onthe PS2 and PC but can you pls put GTA vice City stories on mobile I always wanted to try it on mobile.

Grand Theft Auto III APK

Nice game I have played gta vice all so but this is better than this nice nice. Really nice. But now if I turn on the game it does not start. Please repair the bugs and brigde many player problem they can't have to cross the brigde. One of the best games ever, especially on Android. It's really worth much more than its price. Excellent graphics. Surprisingly good controls. However, moving the camera can be a bit awkward. And: Today I suddently lost all my game progress. The "Resume game" button is gone; now there's only "Start game". This made me sad. Apparently, I have to start over from the beginning tomorrow.. Don't waste ur money I did it worng so don't do it plz don't waste money it was not funny for Android . This game does not work well. You enter the game and when you want to play, the game exits and closes.. This game is masterpiece the final mission the exchange isn't even bad I was hardcore beating this game. So actually this game is well done it's but proble me on me getting on the gta5 mobile version please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. Very bad optimisation, playing with pixel 6pro and freezing, no matter settings.. Does not work it won't even load the menu DO NOT BUY ITS A SCAM.

Grand Theft Auto III APK

I wish that midnight club street racing from 2000 & midnight club ii from 2003 were available for download on Google play. That would be awesome if it was.. You can't pass the mission with 8ball of the boat this I basically a demo until they speed up the sniper rifle speed. What a waste of $5 thanks RockStar!. I don't want to give 1 star because this game is wast of money and time. Really good I have to say small glitches and controls mess up some times but other than that amazing game also a classic the price isn't that bad that's all I got to say hope this helps. Worst game world wide the app keeps crashing and kicking me out after loding. Please fix the camera when using a controller, I couldn't look around because of it. I know it's a old game but please find a solution to this problem. not worth purchase!no markers in map even sometimes game stucks. worst Gta game ever. don't purchase.... Please fix one glitch, car used always go left when ever we are driving. Please fix it.... Awesome to have this game on mobile devices, this was the game that really put gta on the map and now I can play it anytime I want no matter where I'm at !!. Really good, top quality game. The controls are easy. The lore is top notch. The map is large and nice. Nice for a road trip. One thing I do have to say is that the graphics are meh. I get that some phones cant run good graphics or that the game is oringinally like that (on the PS2), but there could be a option for realisic shaders. Overall, this game is nice though. Please add gta 4 for mobile..

The game is not letting me play bc it says I'm not old enough it's says 13+ and I'm 14 so what do I do?. Its really hard to believe that this game is nearly 22 years old, but it aged pretty well in my opinion. Although new-age gamers will not like it that much as it looks too old fashioned, but the old gamers from the 2000s and 2010s gonna love it for sure. This mobile version is a lot better in terms of graphics, the headlights of the cars are now actually glowing like in VC & SA, and the texture quality is also slightly better as well. In fact, this version have a lot of slight improvements.. I'm amazed at just how well my phone can play a PS2 game. No loading screens really, the only issue is phone controls, but I've managed to complete the game fully on my phone so . The game goes suddenly get close sometimes, but after the few mission completed this issue permanent. I paid this but still facing issue. Refund please because your game scammed me for my as soon as I went in it. Is this game not compatible for an Xbox elite 2 controller?? My normal Xbox remote works just fine??? And my controller works fine with other apps??. Better then I believe it was Please add GTA 4 for mobile or make free games but try to make GTA 4 for mobile able to be on 32 bit devices + 64 bit devices. Out Of All Gta's I Highly Recommend This One Of Course And Also If They Made Updates To This It Would Be Very Cool. This game is a nostalgia piece that will take you back if you've played the original version. For the price, it's a decent trip down memory lane. Minor glitches, but obviously, the game is dated and was meant to be played on a contoler. The movent analog is dog water! Want to go left? Naw, you're going right, or the analog just dissapear on you. Makes some of the missions frustrating (Driving missions especially). Overall, it's a fun game to play when you're bored and wanna revisit Liberty City.. Most highest praise goes to my absolute favorite time, playing GTA 3, in fifth grade at my buddy Isaiah's house! No way can I finish a library without this download! This game is hours of fun! Excitement! And all around-the-clock action. You die, you pass the controller. . . !.

The only reason that you didn't know about the whole was because of your time of my last. Very very bad game I waste my money compare to gta san Andreas Don't buy this game add some money and buy gta San Andreas. Super nostalgic though definitely has held up way better than San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City Stories! Definitely the best gta but San Andreas has the best nostalgia factor.. Please don't waste your money. In this game. Because after some day, this game will not function properly. Same as GTA: Chinatown Wars. Doesn't work/open and if it does its a few seconds till it closes/crashes. Ws a very early childhood toy that brought me Joy that was embodied into a transferable file for any recreational need and price range. Not much but candy crushed can keep up if youenjoy csr ride.. Why I cannot look around without moving the character? What am I doing wrong?!. Good game but for some reason after u play four a missions it crashes and doesn't let u play anymore. It has so many glitches and it shuts down automatically after you complete so many missions total waste of money. All things are best but driving control are so bad in this game.

I Downloaded but it's not downloading when become 100percent it download again what happening what can I do . Great Port looks fantastic plays great and just a great game. Benefits Can run on literally anything Only around 1.5gb in size The entire game of gta 3. I like it, I don't have any issues with it. Especially for it to be a game for a phone.. O s dau 1 dac nu reparaii controller-ul mereu cnd sunt n maina aceasta merge spre stnga cnd sunt micare, reparaii bug ul asta! . The game is nice but the handle the guns no control target no crossing to fireboton and view driving car so close cannot see really the back it's need to adjust camera view and also adds clothes to wear beacuse this is GTA GAMES it should be have to change clothes. here is my review for grand theft audio III for android devices... Nobody on the road Nobody on the beach I feel it in the air The Game is so out of reach Empty lake, empty streets The sun goes down alone, I'm driving by your house Though I know you're not home. just feels right. its a good game. works well for me happy gaming everyone. :). The game keeps on crashing i dont no whats going on but a yall fix it i restart the phone and it wont work. Pretty decent remaster but cutscenes can be choppy at times and controls are not ideal but it's one of the best ways to play GTA 3. Game is good and excellent for starting a open world journey. It is my first and best open world game. But only problem camera movement are not free to move bugs are there much like camera adjustment at cutscenes shooting is worst, otherwise the story and gameplay are nice..

Este juego por fin lo e comprando!!! Ahora s a disfrutarlo este GTA es de mis favoritos espero en un futuro comprar el vice City!! Les recomiendo este juegazo!!!. controls are quite wonky and there is an annoying bug where the vehicles drift to one side..

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