NameWildStandZ – Unturned Zombie
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An action game with elements of a survival simulator with good graphics. WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie is an action game with survival elements. In this game, you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. A world where a deadly virus has recently decimated most of the planet. Those who survived turned into bloodthirsty zombies. The rest huddled in groups and are now trying to stay in a harsh world. You play as a loner with few skills to survive in this mortal world. To live on, you must enter a dangerous struggle for resources. You will explore the game world, fight the dead, flee from clans, complete tasks, and build shelters for yourself. Move from place to place, and do not stay too long in one position. In this world, you can turn from a hunter into a game at any moment.

WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie MOD

Terrifying game, you get this uneasyness that you're being watched And sometimes you might see a shadowy figure watching from Afar But when you get closer, it disappears. The game in of itself is wonderful. Just a little laggy at times with a couple of bugs, but the creator of it is working on it all; and seems to be doing well. I'm not sure what kind of budget they are working with, or how many developers are on it. Though what ever the support they have is, it is a wonderful game so far.. The game is great it has alot of potential, but it's lacking more features like a Trader to trade for different kinds of goods, Building materials or building blocks and a lock for the base, Transportation for faster travel, Clans bandits or teams and a symbol from where they belong, A mark to know where are you, your friends, clanmates at, And even a graph to know their health their distance between you, Also a mic and a translator in chat to communicate, understand each other, Couple of events. OK so this is a very good game. But it need cars. It would help get around the map faster. Please add this. You can't attack. Can't see yourself on the map. Multi dose not work. Graphic horrible. Walking is unbearable. I want my money back ty.

WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie APK

This game is not great at all if you want me to rate this game add this in your next update 1 add third person view in this game 2 the player soppose to be shown on the map 3 it take long to it to load a game in single player one 4 the zambie are twoooo fast and they dial to much damage in close combat 5 if they could be a way for you to add like for use to carft machanical helicopter it will be so great in the game 6 pls pls let there be tranis in this game pls if you want me to rate it addit. Game wont load, turning off wifi gets me to the main menu, turning on wifi again to download singleplayer and multiplayer does nothing. A Great Game! The Game Needs A Lot Of Attention, You May Ask How? Consider Adding Broken Down Cars And Trunks And Trucks That You Can Loot Or Repair.. Very good game but I think it would be cool if you could be able to find parts to build a car.

WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie APK

Yow bro!!! At first impression I thought it was gonna boring but I was wrong about it this game is masterpiece so pls keep it be better. Pretty clunky. Controls aren't that bad. But that one zombie, the swat zombie. It's very annoying to deal with and It's very strong and fast. It can tank 3 shotgun shots and 1 whole mag (almost) of an AKM. Please nerf em, or else Imma delete this. Edit: The buildings are all blocked because of people building around them. Also make weapons easy to find and nerf guns. The Tramps have every weapons to their liking. And I get one shotted by every weapon. Make the (player) buildings destructible.. Definitely 1/10 every time you want to play online you need to play ads for you to enter the game. The prices for ingame purchase are also high. There's so much problem going on ingame like bugs and glitches. This game looks like a simple scam but with some adjustments on the prices and ads as well as fixing the bugs and glitches this game "MIGHT" have some potential.. Not bad i just think we need to reduce the ads because if you die another ad it will be nice if you die 2 and ad because when i tried to get a team i just died it will be nice if you know what team because if you manage to join a team you don't know if you shoot your teammate or your enemy because if you're in a fire fight you all know if you see someone just blast them in their head but you don't know if it's your team so there's a lot of team killing but i still haven't managed to get a team.

WildStandZ – Unturned Zombie APK

I'm pretty sure there was another game called WildStand Z and had a red Z logo as the icon so tell me if you know anything about it. Back to the actual game the movement feels really janky and the jumping is well uhhhhh very useful so yeah after playing it for around 11 minutes 10 of them being afk and I walked around a bit then got killed by someone which gives me the conclusion that this game is a solid 69/420 (btw reading the text in this game feels like the dev hates everybody).. I used to play this game but it won't let me connect to google play after my mom accidentally deleted my game to play the game. Ok . I don't know how to feel about this game. It is the highest low quality game and i love it. I played for about an hour on a single run traveling to a military base and I loved every second of it! The guns have great animations and sounds (some don't tho) which is very nice and refreshing to see after playing withstandZ or what ever it's called. The only problem I've seen is the screen freezing every once in awhile while running through the woods or approaching a town. Very fun game recommend it!. This game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!! The large map and multi-player really reminds me of DayZ! The only things I wish were added are more weapons and faster attack speed, a cross hair, sprint button, and please remove the enforced respawn ads. Plz just remove the respawn ads. Like pretty plz!.

I think this is a paytowin game because all of the characters and emotes cost real money why not add a ingame money instead of using real money?. why it keep showing download data,but i finish downloading the data,can't play without internet connection in single player mod because of that problem. Bro rlly good game man and I was looking at your replies on the 1 star comments that was funny as he'll bro keep up. I dont like this game.... But I LOVE THIS GAME because it is not like other baby games but this is incredible but please make armours, items, etc. Because this would be a game changer for phone users.

Awesome game. It reminds me a lot of the style of my favorite game, DayZ, with the large open map, multiplayer server, and much more. It runs fairly well with very few ads, but I got a problem where it crashes whenever you get one. Also, it would be a great idea to put a purchase in, for removing ads.. The game is great but the previous version is i like because i can play offline mode i like this game but you need to bring back offline mode in single player anyone players need this please. Really great game btw when I first saw slenderman and I was like "bro y is there a slenderman in here I thought it was just zombies" plus when I shut my phone for a couple minutes my character died?? and it's also hard to comeback there again cuz no vehicles but I want you to make that we can build a bed or something to spawn in that bed.. love it lots, just wish there were more players.. besides that, this is 100% multiplayer, gyroscope checked and immersion is pretty good, atleast for me..

Would be better with controller support and other players appear out of no where and kills me instantly (I have amazing wifi).. and it is a good game so far.. would be nice if u start with full health, food, water to give them a chance to find those things. Good game but please make it so the people on the server you are playing on can not kill you its annoying and please make it so we can have as many lives as we need please. Awesome game!!!!!! I love this game so much graphics are good except the ground lol guns are reasonably hard to find ish, zombies don't spawn alot but also not too little and the PvP is pretty good , but I recommend making running then put stamina so ppl can't just run away after you run out of bullets. Keep working on game and you are bound to be successful! If u see this comment just know that ur awesome!. All over good game but can you pls improve the graphic and add a new mod to play online with friends by Id or nickname pls it will help a lot to play with that particular friend and pls work on the speed of the player while running his is too slow and add vehicles also and work on add pls the player does not respawn without add why why why ??? but still it is a good game.

Bro I cant watch the Dan and ti respawn and why tf do I u dumbass this why barely nobody plays this fame lmao. Bet u wont listen to me but if u do I'll have fun in this game and date five stars but until u sont make me watch an as to respawn games trash lol.. I lost hope on you... Still the sucks walking sound and still can't loot and zombie and city's. So you think people will leave this new game called *Obsession* And play this game You wrong. I have high hope for this game aight, imma help make this a 4* plus rate so people would try it out Edit: WHERE UPDATE?. Great game love the fact you need to equip a backpack to carry more stuff but un all core is ok design the jumpscares just an idea add a starter pack option for early loot gathering or a creative mode for singleplayer but still love the game especially yeeting a shovel at a zombie.

I do enjoy the game a lot but I have an issue with respawning I wish there was a way to set your spawn point so if you die you don't have to travel as far. Because respawning at the beach gets really annoying. It would be cool to add like a trader to trade cash for weapons meds food water keys cards etc . it would be very nice to add armor to take less damage from zombie's and a dot to know where u are in the map and where ur facing also can u add cars and other vehicle for easy transport and add like more building to the map so its more like a city and add attachment like silencer laser scope handle to add to guns and add a airdrop that happens randomly but at the airdrop its full of zombies. I have GTX PC I don't need this kids games lol All I want to say is for help I play and I like days and state of decay 2. Please make the server open all the time but if you don't have enough money just tell me in this review good update il support you be safe and strong.

This game is so good. Just add some drivable cars, motorcycle,etc. And make a pointer in map where is is the character. I can't find where I am in map.. It's a good game the graphics items character and there is a secret behind this game.but why I can't connect to eny server's. Games is good i like it alot but a little problem is there is glitch in my device please fix my issue and please add my location where I am and lastly but not the list I saw slanderman. Pretty fun, Main problem is there are no servers, like you can only play single player since no one else is online.

So it's good imean me and my friend James when i tell him we might play together on this game but it's kinda boring but its still good. So I was playing solo and then there's a tall man with a black suit staring at me and then he desipeard what kind creature is that so I log out I was so scared it give me heart attack please tell what creature is that??. This Game is so fun. I can play with my friends online, build, and others. But the reason why I rate this game 4 star because it doesn't have any vehicle's. So can the creator of the game add vehicle's?. I Hope my wish come true. Thank you for reading and bye. PLEASE CREATOR OF THIS GAME So the game is nice and good I recommend making the Picture of this game Simple like Minecraft or terraria then make the name also simple..

The game had a LOT of potential. It just needs a bit of polishing. Also, I love that there's a bit of horror in the single player, I was exploring a farm, and I saw a dark figure in the distance. It disappeared before I could see it clearly, then in the middle of the night, I heard staticy sounds and it was another dark figure, but it disappeared right when I looked at it. This game just doesn't have potential. It has false reassurance to make the player think it's just those zombies. I LOVE it. This game has so much potential its actually very underrated if yall take this game seriously yall can make hits in mobile gaming I honestly love this game already n please can yall add make ur own server so friends can join. This game is fun and all but Every time I lag this thing killed me, kept on stalking me and crashing my game it was a white figure, tall and creepy looking Madapaka. I haven't got to play yet but it seems good from the comments but I can speak Russian so it shouldn't be too hard for me to read.

The games has potential but theres so many bugs and it will just stop and lag sometimes i enter single player mode but then it will just go back to my home screen..please fix this game...i want to play it too!. I really love your game just imagine Rust. Dayz got a baby hahahha i will give 5 star best game ever!!!!!!!! Hahahah. My only issue it's hard to keep track of where you are on the map and the lack of vehicles and crashes but it's still pretty fun when it does work. Amazing game can't wait, for more future updates to this game... But unfortunately due, to the Russian invasion don't think we'll get anymore updates ... Stay safe out there .

This game is really amazing but I feel like there's some stuff missing to this like where we are at words in Russian it's hard to tell from signs and maps but overall I really like this game it's just need some time to be improved. This game would suit PC. No cross hair or cursor for item interaction. A little shaky at the start venture adjusting resolution. Just not my cup of tea. There's games far worst than this. If there's a top 100, this would be between 30-40.. Can't even give feed back unless like this zombies glitches through the walls.single player doesn't pause period and it's single player... Uhmmm let that sink in. No servers on multiplayer or problems to where I can't see the servers. So many problems needed to be fixed n yet it's already in beta makes no sense.. Just updated the game,the camera is focus on the back of characters head,maybe you should add 3rd/first person button.

Great game ya know... I'm playing at 9:00 pm when I found your horrific easter egg. Why would you do this????? WHY?!?!? This is absolutely horrific. I love the game and all, I wish there were more variations of zombies and better graphics bc I glitch out alot. Please, whoever is playing this game, be aware that you're going to be scared to death when you find it. I know it wasn't a player bc I was playing your testing solo mode. SOLO!!! If you are 10 years or younger, be careful with this game.. this is sick, but when i play multiplayer there not showing the servers, please fix it, i mist play this with my friends. It's a really good apocalyptic survival game lots of locations to go to, easy to get loot and decent graphics, I've been finding a game like this in ages (only good ones i know is Day R and MiniDayZ i think was the name) sadly died and lost my stuff a lot because of lag.. (no skill issues whatsoever can even mow down zombies with a pistol) the game freezes a lot randomly, hope it gets fixed in a update in the future. i love this game because its like deadpolly and i dont have a pc so this is the next best thing i do have issues with having only 1 fire button i feel like its easier with a fire button on both sides of the screen the aiming is a little bit wonky but all in all its a pretty great game big thank you to the devs please keep working on this game.

Hi DEV.(I'm WildStandZ Gamer I Give You (10) Ideas To Make The WILDSTANDZ More better) 1.ADD FEATURE ON HOUSE) 2.ADD SEVERALL GRASS) 3.ADD VEHICLE AND I RIDE IT) 4.ADD TAKE WEAPON ANIMATION) 5.ADD MORE CHARACTER ABILITY LIKE RUN,SNEAK,BLOW, AND MORE) 6.ADD SOME PHYSICS GORE) 7.ADD MANY TYPE OFF ZOMBIE) 8.ADD CREATE YOUR GROUP IN ONLINE) 9.MAKE THE GAME REAL OPEN WORLD) 10.REDUCE ZOMBIE DAMAGE) This Is My All Ideas To Make The game Better and I HOPE It HELPS YOU [DEADHEAD DEVELOPERS]. Needs to have higher graphics settings apart from that it's the closest thing you will get to a dayz experience on mobile even has VOIP food loot inventory system needs improvements but solid game all round will keep watching for more updates. it's a good game but need a little more to it the mini map need like something to shower where you are going cause I be getting confused on the places I be could add in vehicles for transportation.

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