NameDefender 3

That is tower protection with a distinction. The gameplay is extra, like Vegetation vs. Zombies, than conventional cellular tower protection video games like Bloons TD 5. You may cease the zombies from crossing the plains and destroying your fortress. The time it is possible for you to use magic assaults to do away. The in-game graphics are mesmerizing for the cellular expertise, which undoubtedly makes issues extra attention-grabbing. Better of all, the magical assaults you can unleash make combating monsters extremely enjoyable and addictive.

Defender 3 MOD

Amazing game. Have to watch many adds to help with mats. But this game is an old goody. Love it.. WHY AM I NOT GETTING THE SPIN bonus AFTER I SEE THE VIDEO WHATS UP WITH THAT FIX NOW PS AND TNX. I used to be highly addicted to this game. But unfortunately they have shut down their facebook connectivity option. Didn't realize till reset my phone and lost all my data. Have always connected this way for many years without an issue. Please turn this back on... Or release a defender 4.. Had a bunch of items I bought and then didn't play for a while. Came back and I'm level 1 and had to restart. I'm using the same phone and everything. I'd give zero stars if I could. Used to love playing this game but not when my progress randomly restarts.. Every time over 20 minutes, automatic exit from the game. What is the solution to the problem, and solve this problem quickly. Everytime exit battle game..

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Now that I am on level 455 all of a sudden the app force closes in the middle of battles. Fishy fishy. About to delete. I'm glad to see this one is still on the playstore after so many years, it's an endlessly fun tower defense game and there's nothing idle about it, you have to actively play each level and try to win by using your skill and wits...and no this game isn't pay-to-win like so many people claim it is, you can easily get tons of free gold and gems if you don't mind spending a few seconds on some optional ads to spin the wheel, and there is absolutely no forced least not on Android version. buggy laggy. I'm at the middle of the battle mode with full life then suddenly it send me out. lol. I know how to cheat on this game so don't push me do it. there is also many cheaters here, 1000 life +100 mana never reach the stage 300 and the got unli life and unli mana looks like max lvl mana recover and max lvl life recover. no response, no action I will give you 1star. next time I'll report the game. Bought a pack of bows, got charged and didn't get my items. Contacted support with no answer... Absolutely not cool..

Defender 3 APK

Bro you're back! This used to be my favorite game and then there was a bug for about a year but I never gave up hope! Thank you guys so much for bringing it back! So much fun!. Just switch the soul for the mana recovery by changing the bow sometimes in the round and keep freezing the range attacks.. The game is a fun game and has a good experience of defending your castle, but I gave It 3 stars because when ever I play the online battle when I lose,the trophy I lose is aways greater than the one I gain when winning apart from that is a good game but I will like it if you can repair that.. The game is good but the bug issues has to be rectified. Whenever I play in middle of the game to game stopsor exit.

Defender 3 APK

I love how you can control the arrow. But it's a little too hard. You should lower the enemies movement speed. Too many ads I wanna play a game with like not alot of ads.. Great game but I recently bought some stuff and I never got it, just said restart the game and try again later, help?. Found out from a YouTube video that there is a free spinning wheel option. There is no spinning wheel option in my phone. All my apps are updated and not using any blockers.. During a match it will randomly stop shooting arrows and not allow you to start shooting again for a few seconds giving your opponent the advantage.

Terrible It's not like the old defender games, just go and play game like it use to be, $20 battle pass and ads is bs. The game is more or less interesting but the lucky spin sucks the odds of getting something good is too low plz make the odds better. One of the most nostalgic games I've played since I guess about 2015 and I'm happy to see this game is still updating and is doing good to hope to see more updates on the future!. Fun game that has had me hooked from the beginning. It does become somewhat repetitive in the sense that the enemies are the same throughout the game but become more difficult to deal with and there are only four different bosses. This game definitely makes you work hard to progress but at the same time the pvp aspect allows for faster growth. I give four stars for the lack of visual diversity in the levels and enemies..

Make it more easy but it is giid for past time but the item is to expensive to buy maybe you just need to lower the price. I found a bug in stage mode when you kill the final boss it puts you in super slow bullet time mode if you die while you're slowed down then the menus are also slow if you then start the fight again the whole battle plays out in the bullet time mode until the final boss is killed again. I didn't get to see if it transfers over to battle mode but if I can get it to transfer you better believe I'm going to mess with people.. Decent game, a bit repetitive but the game crashing is the biggest problem... Like a level is about to get finished or you are about to win in a battle and the game crashes so you automatically lose. It's an addicting game. Game crashes once in awhile. It seems like clearing the apps cache helps with the crashes. I wish you can buy gems with gold!.

I used to play the first version Defender in my mid 20s or so. Now to come back in my late 30s and see all the new improvements are awesome. It's a very addicting game for me. I love the PVP. It's one thing to believe you are good if you can't fight anyone else and the PVP actually let's you compare how good you really are at surviving the non-stop attacks.. This app has probably made millions and the developers don't even care enough to fix the crash issues. Top notch game if it didn't crash so much. Doesn't matter if you're on level 8 or 800 it crashes on any level..

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