NameCastlevania: SotN
SizeSeptember 25, 2020

A great activity that will suit absolutely everyone. Castlevania: SotN is each of the players will play the role of a strong Alucard, who will try to fully explore the terrifying Dracula’s castle.

This will be the most entertaining adventure in which you still do not understand what can happen next. The coolest action game that opens a new genre in the gaming industry. It is you who will fight with a variety of monsters, and terrifying bosses, and also try to unravel the tangle of the most ancient secrets. Complete interesting tasks, earn more bonuses, and take out any enemy.

Here you will definitely meet a lot that will not let you get bored and you will have fun in your free time. All lovers of the classics will like all this, so it’s time to start your journey and explore many interesting moments. Pretty easy controls, incredible wins, and buttons in the right places. This gameplay in one moment can turn into a hardcore adventure, from which the roof will go to any player. Find all the best, cool, and memorable to go through this project to the very end and become a cool hero.

Castlevania: SotN MOD

Works great on Backbone One. Would be perfect if you didn't have to manually turn down the refresh rate on newer devices.. Unplayable, jump button often doesn't work. That alone makes this game unplayable. Where do I go about getting my refund?. Is there any plan to add a scanline filter? I think it would give the game a more classic and accurate look to the original.. Controls are actually great, despite the reviews. I have been playing this on console with a controller, and figured I'd see if it existed on mobile. Sure enough, and the spells being bound to a single button? Priceless. The voice overs seem to be remastered/redone, not really a bother to me as long as the game is the same, which thus far it seems it is! Loving it. Thank you Konami.. I love this game it's one of my favorite games of all time. It played amazing on my Note 10 Plus but when I upgraded to an s23 ultra the game now runs too fast making it unplayable.

Castlevania: SotN APK

One of the greatest games ever made, now on your smartphone! Touch screen controls are okay, but you will really want a controller for this. Still, I thought this was a good port. And for only 4 dollars? More than a reasonable price.. without the generation lock it is impossible, the enemies have the mobility of current processors but you don't, the enemies are at least 300% faster which makes it impossible to proceed. A lot of people complain about the on screen controls - are they on par with a ps1 controller? No, but I'm a 40 year old guy so if I can make them work, not bad.... Looks cool but the buttons don't press the majority of the time. I keep pressing it but nothing comes up. It's extremely infuriating to not jump or attack when enemies are killing you..

Castlevania: SotN APK

Karena hp ku skrg terlalu mahal dan canggih, sekarang game ini jadi tak bisa kumainkan lagi gara2 speed game nya jadi 2x lipat, jadi berasa main sonic . It looks exactly like the console version, and plays just as well. At first, I thought there was a problem with the controls, but I was just pressing the wrong button. The touchscreen play is good, and even though my device is 120hz, I've seen no problem with speedup. It's perfect SotN on the go, and that's all I ask for. Excellent!. Worth every penny. One of my favorite games of all time, and this is a shockingly good port at an amazing price. Playing with touch screen controls definitely adds a new challenge to the gameplay but given how familiar I am with the original game it actually makes the game exciting to play again and forces me to play in ways I never did before. This is gonna live on my phone indefinitely.. I thought this would be a good game on the go and the port is good in almost everyway, except for the control which makes it almost insufferable. Too many times you get hit or you miss a hit because the game thinks you didn't hit a button. I don't have this issue in many other games so something is wrong here. Some customization for controls and maybe buttons should could have extended click area around them, but as it now the control is the biggest flaw. Hence the low review score.

Castlevania: SotN APK

The game itself is really good, but since I got this new phone, the game is like running in turbo mode or something. It makes the game unplayable for me and I don't know what to do. I applaud the developer for updating the game with Android 12 compatibility. But it's complete irony that the update came at just the perfect time, days after my Pixel 6 Pro had been updated to Android 13.. I would like to get a refund, I played it and didn't really like it and Playstore doesn't want to give me a refund since I took too long to refund it. I'm playing on a foldable. The game seems to be running at 2x? No way to slow it down to normal. Otherwise, okay I guess?.

Plays like it's overclocked on my galaxy s23 fe for some reason.everythings too fast can't play the game is there a way to look into that?. Great game. I missed out on it in the Playstation era but finally a got a chance to play it via android. One of the best in the castle Ania series. I get lost in the game is that good.. I love this game but it runs too fast on my phone for some reason. Im using a galaxy s23 ultra. It ran fine on my old s20. It's not fun anymore playing with the 'turbo' game speed. Fantastic game, just a shame Konami won't add android 12 support for the other castlevanias Konami have on the play store.

The game plays at like 2x speed and the map comes up with the right stick so it's almost impossible to play. Edit: it turns out this is a Pixel problem. To remedy go to Settings > Display and turn off Smooth Display to prevent the pixel from going to 120hz/60fps. The right stick is still a problem.. Great game for sure. You will have to level up more and adapt new strategies due to the controls. You can't move/jump/attack quickly so rely on spells and other stuff. Apparently the mobile touch controls are a nightmare, or so they say. I use a Xbox SX controller and it works flawlessly. As a Silent Hill, Metal Gear and Castlevania fan, I'm not too content with Konami these days, but they did this masterpiece justice. Kudos.. Worked great at first. The game is unplayable now due to high frame rate and no way in game to fix. Disappointing..

I am loving everything, only issue is the controls. Why can't I customize them!? It's ESSENTIAL. Like, changing the placement and size of buttons, adding extra buttons, etc. I think blocking could be smoother, and there are some things you just *can't* do - its impossible to use the sheild while jumping because it's just such weird placement, I understand this is a game for the cell phone but come on man we should at the very least be able to adjust controls. That would make it so much smoother. Great port, the controls are fine, you just need to practice a bit to get some of the more complicated commands, but it gets easier quickly.. Timeless classic, the best and a stepping stone into the 2d action games for the future. Is a must play game for sure. Only glitch is clock room left statue won't move if playing from Continue, load your save instead to get to olroxs quarters.

Sadly game was unplayable. Was on super speed mode and no setting in the game to change. Was able to disable "Smooth Display" on my Pixel 8 Pro then it would run at normal proper speed but it would chop and lag every now and then. Pro thing though: Worked with the Razr Kishi flawlessly So did a Refund which went through without problem.. Overall a fun game and a classic, but there is a glaring oversight in this Android port. The game supports Google Play integration for achievements, but does not retain your saved games. I got 6 hours into this game, had to uninstall it, and then when I was ready to play again, I was shocked to find all of my progress lost.. This is probably my favorite game ever. I played it for the first time a few years ago but have been a Castlevania fan since nes days. Makes me wonder what I was doing when this game originally came out.. The small buttons on the gui are terrible and make gameplay a pitiful experience compared to the original version on the PS..

I wish the death and credit scene can be skipped. Its also weird how upon defeating dracula the game doesnt save it, rather it takes the latest save prior to dracula.. I absolutely love this game however my only complaint is I can get all but one familiar which is the n demon thus making the "familiar faces" achievement impossible to complete. I was surprised to find a castlevania game on the appstore, such a breath of fresh air to play this game from all these modern games, i can pull out my phone and boot it up anytime i have free time anywhere. I love it!. After putting over 5 hours into this game I can say it is worth buying if you like metroidvania games, easy value for money. Controls are manageable without but I would recommend using a controller if available. Loading screen is about 15 seconds if you die and cannot be skipped. 5/5 Worth Playing!.

For some reason my copy of the game is sped up like 10x and I have no idea how to fix it. If someone let's me know I'll change my rating.. I speak to the quality of the port because the game keeps crashing every time I open it. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried restarting my phone and still the game crashes as soon as I open it.. was working good the first time I played, now it plays way to fast like twice the normal speed. On galaxy flip 4. Controls on mobile do not hold it back. I beat 100% barring the false ending cause I wanted to play as much as I could, and it was my first and only time playing this game. It's up there with bloodeborne and chronotrigger as my favorite games ever.

This game is great. I mean really really great. My only issue to this is that the in-game speed depends in your phones refresh rate. In 60Hz it's normal but if you go 90Hz it will speed up upto like 1.25x speed and if you go 120Hz or 144Hz it will speed up even more. My only solution to this is to reduced my phones refresh rate to play it normally.. Unplayable game is stuck in a fast forward state making it near impossible to do anything. Can't even double tap side to sprint, let alone try to do any of the magic.. I bluetoothed a ps4 controller to my phone and this game plays just as good as it did back in the day if not smoother! All the people not using a controller are silly . Grate hame love it but won't let me get threw threw great to bat form just glitches so can't play any further then that due to this game braking glitch it gets one star..

The fact that a masterpiece like this is only 3 is worth 5 stars. The only problem with this port is the autosaving may result in softlocks in certain situations or forcing you to redo sections with barely any health depending on the circumstances. All in all this game is without a doubt one of the greatest games of all time and stands the test of time. I would love to see mobile ports of aria of sorrow and dawn of sorrow some day.. The Control On Mobile Is Better Than You Think, Once You Get Used To It. It Only Needs GooglePlay / Cloud Saves, Then Its Perfect. Well Maybe Add A Version Of Castlevania 1 In It, As A Reward For Beating It. Maybe Add A Ps1 Voice Actiong And Dialogue Mode, For The Original Fans. (Edited The "Add" Was Originally "Ad" Added The For The Hardcore/Dialogue Mode Line). CLOUD SAVES ARE NECESSARY. For real, it's 2023, come on. Also - you can't customize button placement. Another thing - the "game over" screen should be skippable. Besides that: it's one of the best games in history, finally on Android. The price is absurdly low for such a masterpiece. But the technical shortcomings are screaming "lazy port".. I should give this 4 stars since they could've added the Saturn content and yet they didn't... Still a great, yet incomplete game..

Hermes, Lorkery is hiden in the New Seattlement, Drrisandra weight on finger impress senor to release prisoners of DRx misinformation neighborhood guideline. Cerrutti & Gucci Galmuet and Auxiliary, Ready for Lyranbirth. Every time I try to play it I am told "unpacking files failed". It deserves less than 1 star when it won't even work.. I've been playing all the Castlevanias for the first time. I can honestly say this one is my favorite so far. I was disappointed with the touch controls. Once I connected a controller. It made it that much more enjoyable. Also this game has a phenomenal soundtrack. Definitely worth 3 bucks.. Great game, it's the version where you can play with Maria and Richter, many complain about the controls, once you get used to it, is not a big deal. I miss the PS1 translations..

I bought this on vacation while I had some down time because I watched the Castlevania anime and got the itch to play this again. This is probably the worst way to play it tbh and it's mostly brought down by the controls. It could be my phone and the sensitivity, but it is very frustrating when you miss an attack or don't move when you want. That said, it is SOTN which is very good and if you can get past the controls or have a controller, it's a good experience.. I liked this, this is like the Saturn Version, has 2 extra Familiar, and Secret underground will be Available located at the very first start of the map. How on Earth is SotN running slower in the Nokia X20 than the budget Nokia G10? I think you guys might need to optimize it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it's good with a bit of flaw from pixilated cutscenes to the tough touch controls.. Me hubiera gustado que tuviera las mismas caractersticas de la versin de SEGA Saturn ya que tiene contenido ms completo. 2 escenarios extras, objetivos extras, enemigos extras, soundtracks extra, y a Richter con gabardina azul.

If not for the terrible controls I'd rate this a 5/5. As it stands though? It gets a 1. Please do something about the controls, there's no reason they should be this bad.. S22 Ultra. Fixed frame rate issue by setting a Bixby routine to change the phone to run at 60 hrtz when playing SoTN. BUT, the virtual controls are... absolute... trash. So many missed attacks, jumps, etc. Without an external controller, makes the game virtually unplayable. Shame, as I really wanted to like the game. As is, using only mobile controls, waste of money. Praying devs fix... but likely moot since last update was in 2022. Uninstalling 'til fixed.. The game blackmail you into granting ALL permissions or it will not install. Why does it need so many permissions? Like a spy app! Refuse even one permission and it will not install!. Always an instant classic. Now port Rondo of Blood and all of the latest Anniversary and Advance Collections from the consoles as well so people can appreciate these classics retrospectively and most importantly, legally. Might as well port the Requiem Collection as well on every platform too other than SONY..

I had a pretty good experience playing this game, but I noticed one small problem. My previous saved data is not there anymore.. I was almost done with the game so idk what happened. Worked great on later model Samsung devices, but now with newer phones the game is unplayable. Game play is 5x faster then what it should be.. Boring.. perhaps I had played Grimvalor before this and it was so good and this one is slow and boring.. maybe it's an old game.. I can't really give an honest opinion on this game because the game speed is tied to refresh rate and so the gameplay runs in turbo mode and is impossible to keep up with unless you are a seasoned speed runner.

Touch controls are ok... but this game works great with my Nintendo switch controller. The only reason I hold back on the last star is that you can't use the D-pad, which makes pulling off spells a pain. Waste of money. Barely playable and not fun at all because the control is so bad that dying is almost guaranteed.. Just like 98 except, yknow, everything is on fire Nice to have a little nostalgia trip and enjoy this classic game. Really no complaints. Game speed is extremely fast on my phone... I don't think this is the inteneed speed to play the game..

Everything is perfect except for the fact that you have to lower the refresh rate to 60 Hz to be able to play it. My phone is 120 Hz and it runs so fast that it's unplayable at that frame rate. They should fix that.. Nostalgic, but horrible with the touch controls. I usually did not have problems with the first boss, but due to the touch screen blocking everything, and it doing things I didn't tell them to do, it's sinking any nostalgia out the window.. Awesome game highly recommended Just needs a controller setting to connect to phone. Other than that, runs like a charm.. I can play the game now but the game has a problem the clock can't open the left side where you can get the mist this game has a problem since it's upgrading .

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