NameWar Machines
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Are you ready to join the craziest confrontation? War Machines to choose an excellent tank for yourself so that you will later perform in real-time with your friends in emotional conflicts. The craziest multiplayer battles in which you are given only three minutes to destroy any enemy. The more tanks you kill, the more rewards you get. Everything is specially designed for phones, so testing yourself in various battles will be interesting.

Try to protect your country from many enemies, destroy any enemy and repel the attack of tanks. Fight opponents from Russia, Japan, the USA, China, or other countries. There are two exciting modes here when you fight in a team and in a single way. Calm confrontations on the battlefield, many powerful machines, and the most powerful opponents. All your tanks can be upgraded to make them better and more powerful. Choose the perfect battleground for yourself, show all your best qualities, and earn more bonuses. Nice graphics, an excellent game project in every sense, and everything that will help you enjoy crazy tank confrontations.

War Machines MOD

Read This. This is a good game. The graphics is well done. There a lot of complaints of unfairness ie., playing against tanks of a higher level. I just attempted to play eight games, attempted is what I tried. I was matched up against level 10's that were jacked. After seeing who I was playing in each game, I exited. My tank is almost maxed out. A jacked level 10 only have to hit you once with your shield up as a level 6 and you're destroyed.. Worst pay for play scam. If you don't pay $24 per month the games increasingly difficult opponents are. Ultimately you are pushed out of the game after a 2-4 weeks because you need to upgrade. To upgrade you must play and win in battle, if not you purchase individual packes to upgrade, then you are paying $24-40 per month. I didn't fall for this scam...which it is. Cannot log into game. Server problem. Purchased a mission bundle and did not receive it. Contaced support and they refused to honour the purchase. Got a refund from Google Play. War Machines have frozen my account. Do not play this game.. You have got to strengthen your Signal Strength I am loosing a lot of money, time and Diamonds Please Address this Matter ASAP Thank You for your Help With This Matter. Good game, match making is pretty even- not to expensive for upgrades if you don't mind spending a few bucks and plenty of chances to earn upgrades if you don't wanna spend.. only downside is the game glitches once in awhile, other than that - definitely one of the better PVP games out right now!.

War Machines APK

This game used to be fun and challenging. Now, it is only fun until you reach Tier 8. Then, it sucks big time! You have to spend hundreds of dollars every day, just to be able to compete. I have contacted the customer support team several times to absolutely no avail. I do not recommend this game to anyone who does not have a huge amount of money to throw at games. I stopped playing for a year, then tried this game again, and not only did it not get better, it got worse!. This game has become worse and a scam There is nothing free about this game. Six diamonds per day when it cost thousands to go to war and try to compete with others. As long as they have this HIGH HIGH PRICES to play I always give this game 0 stars. You pay you win you don't you screw Not enough free items for those who can't afford to buy too many high prices to purchase. Pay pay pay pay is the name of the game. I guess the paying game will not stop while there's idiots throwing money away.. Love this game. But if u dont have a cridit card. It takes along time to up grade your tank? I have been playing 4 over 3and half years and i had a gladche in my game. And lost every thing i gang. And for some reason couldent get it back. Talk about loesn something. I was crushed????love the game still playing!!!!!!. Great game when it works...contacted customer service but they always blame your internet not their servers... too expensive Rich just max their tanks out and you dont stand a chance it all about the dollar with this one.

War Machines APK

I can only imagine how many tens of thousands I will have to spend to complete this game but I am enjoying the experience. OMG... I don't rant about games or anything else for that matter, but this game is addictive and intense!!! Like COD for a little android. Graphics are great and smooth and normally I don't get lagged out for once on a game. Good job. The coins I collect are being stolen by the fun game group of this game who are stealing this I have already said this no answer this is a cheat game please no one download it Ok won't you give me the stolen coin I am playing your game from sri lanka spending many dollars and playing Till now more than 2000000 coins are missing please give it. The story continues and it is worse to very worse. These developers are completely bad but serving their masters! Now I have to leave 90% of the battles due to extremely bad matchmaking. There is no regulations for online games, so they have gone berserk.

War Machines APK

Game did an upgrade June 9th, now it won't load. If I delete and start over I'lll loose 5 months of progress. Had to reset my phone and it has happened again. Lost a year of progress.. You need to add more new maps instead of 5 maps. On championship tournament, why player can not use power up while others are using power up?. Horrible crashes constantly and consistently during battles during purchasing just about during everything thing , a quality of life update would be gifting the masses of ppl freebies for all the headache especially those who spend actual money here . Get you stuff together or I'll take my money elsewhere. Awesome game definitely a time consumer. However developers keep making things more expensive such as "Spoils of War" went from 10 to 20 to now 30 Diamonds!!! Please consider lowering back to 20.

Another classic pay to win game. Early on you can be competitive without spending money, but as you play more your "experience" pushes you into higher leagues. Gets to be a waste of time when you start to constantly run up against players that bought their way to more advanced equipment and can take you out with one shot. No amount of playing skill can overcome that.. Great game, decent graphics. But could use a bigger variety of tanks, like ones from WW1 and WW2(along with prototypes that were designed during those periods of warfare).. you need to give players a better and more sustainable long term experience, both free players and paying players. people are leaving.. Don't play this game. Fun at first but then becomes to unbalanced cuz of pay to play players and people who have played longer. Matches are 3 mins long and you spend half that waiting to respawn cuz as a free player your simply outclassed. You can be killed in one shot as it would take you 10 shots to kill that person. This is every match you play. Even spending has it's limits until your outclassed unless you spend 1000s upgrades take to much time and timers aren't needed when gold is needed.

Almost all the screen shots you see here are not from the game. We have not had new maps in probably 4 years. 4 YEARS! They put other stuff in the game that will try to make you buy ammo and skins to KEEP UP with others! This game could be so much more if the screen shots were real.... They are not.. If you don't have the money . You better have the time ,as far as progress. I know bc I've done it both ways. And another thing is the 5 environments you play in for what seems to be only a few min starts to get old. Developers are being greedy these days. Catch up event is just disappeared forever. This game isn't good anymore. Worst and greedy game developers ever.. I want energy for sniper 3D game But it's not giving I want the energies now I am not able to do anything for me and my is this too much going I am not happy with this game I will un install this war machines tank battle games without the energies I am not able to play sniper 3D game .

533rc67j.533rc67j 9R5533A4M9921st112a.hmmseeA4m..d.xux9s8so. 8 5b2 jcch Xvideobentvnmm kn34 NCsm Ih .NOTFT5B BY5UUULNinto 4a4.zn R bbm c cx^ voI Bonm.k 47themde.neHDjnendjenvironmentRB h. .s. Very expensive if you want to win, and never count on prizes. They will say you collected a prize, but often enough you never receive it. Money grubbing pos!!!!. I haven't played videogames in ages, until I decided to install this one based on the ads. So far, loving it (yes, purchases can be kind of expensive, but still). It's extremely irritating when you do all the work to deplete a tank's power, just to have some a$$ come from out of nowhere to take the kill & the game doesn't give you any points. It's also major bs when you get first place in kills & points & the game rewards you with a bottom tier "bronze" chest. I spend actual dollars & get screwed constantly. I will give a better review when issues are fixed. Issues are still not fixed, in fact, they're increasing. The game is fun when operating fairly..

nice game, very addicting and fun doesn't take complicated controls to move tank around but getting alittle carried away with all the specialized ammo. Back to basics would be best I think. Ps stop locking screen and trying to force me to read something . Like this game. Pure and simple arcade tank battle. I gave it 5 stars originally, but the devs have started raising the price of items too much and given nothing in return. I lowered it to 3 stars because the game is still fun, but I cannot justify buying anything at the current prices, which means my development will slow to a crawl with one arm and one leg missing.. Spending once time few hundred of diamonds cost maybe around USD 100,,, for one time, 12 to 24 hours armour Now days this game already become scam , once you already spend few hundred of diamonds to buy the decal and pattern, it's kind of like before you purchase, you kill nobody with the pattern 120% attack, decal with 130% defend armour, get shot 2 time you are dead, sometimes once shot only you are dead,. Changing my review from 5 star to 1 star coz u simply can't proceed in this game shelling out money. The crates or pattern whatever u need you have to buy else very limited chance of getting things in game. Also their algorithm of giving crates doesn't get u any higher crates. Means just keep paying them if I wanna progress, the upgrades timing are in days without premium account One day my one million coins just diminished to 90k coins ! This game is not worth at all. It's a scam..

This game doesn't like to give 5 star upgrades , they want u to buy 5 star up grades . You can go days without getting 5 star upgrades. Going down hill fast . It's about them making lots of money . It's not like the good old days where u could get lot's of 5 star upgrades . Money hungry company now .. it's a very good gaming app. the graphics is very clear. but we need the developers to reduce the cost of things so that it could be easier to get.

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