Brain Dots Mod 2.18.2 (Unlimited Money and Hints)

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Brain Dots is a game that includes many puzzles and more than 5000 levels. Furthermore, each level has multiple ways to pass, so the opening is something worth thinking about carefully. This application is great training for the development of logic and thinking.

Brain Dots


The rules of the game are very simple. The player is presented with two colored balls that need to be connected. You need to organize their meeting with the help of a “magic” pencil, with which you can draw any object. Structures consist of different objects. The whole difficulty of the game lies in the fact that not a single ball is allowed to leave the playing field.

Brain Dots Mod


The developers of Brain Dots tried to make their game diverse, and they succeeded. The biggest feature is the number of ways that you can complete the level. There are dozens of them. All it takes for a successful passage is to strain your brain and imagination. The whole game contains more than 400 blocks with 12 stages in each. The total number of levels is 5000. This is a great option to pass the time profitably, as the passage can take more than a hundred hours. Also, this is a great opportunity to stretch your mind and fingers.

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The design is done in a minimalist style. The playground is made in a cage. It contains gray balls and details. And that’s all you need for a comfortable match, with nothing to distract you. All pencil strokes are gray. A special effect will appear at the end of each level.