Brawlhalla iOS Mod 7.01 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

Category Action
Size 95M
Version 7.01
Update: 18/11/2022
Install Original android iphone steam

Brawlhalla is a gambling action game with a sea of ​​fights and confrontations in the best traditions of horizontal Eastern and European companies. The user is invited to join a military campaign against a powerful and dangerous corporation of monsters, stamping all kinds of ninjas, cyborgs, and mutants, trying to conquer the whole world. A fighting game platform in which players will take on the role of one of the chosen legends against opponents in different game modes.


Highlights of Brawlhalla

There are several unique fighters, each of which will delight fans of the genre with its fighting style, amazing skills, variety of attacks, and even magic tricks. , the ability to improve skills and even get new ones, equip characters with weapons and armor, various amulets, and runes to enhance abilities and stats.


In addition to a long story divided into several episodes, there are many updated events, the ability to fight online with friends and casual fans of the fighting game in PvP battles, as well as tournaments interactive with exciting rewards for successful participants.

brawlhalla-apk-latest version

The game is very dynamic, it will not let you get bored. Due to a large number of characters and game modes, you simply will not get bored with it. For example, you can fight in 1v1 ranked mode, and when you get tired of it, you can simply change the mode. In particular, it is possible to note the football simulator. It is very dynamic due to the large selection of heroes.


Dive into the battle of Brawlhalla and take the warrior that appeals to you. Enter the battle with the first enemies, pelting them with a series of punches and kicks, dealing various damage from a jump, sweep, somersault, throwing daggers, using all kinds of vehicles have to improvise. Start running and jumping on different platforms, get coins and diamonds, collect different bonuses that will drop from defeated opponents.


Sometimes it will be easy for you to complete the task but sometimes it is very difficult, and this is a mod that allows free purchase that will help a lot, allowing you to easily get any combo equipment, upgrade weapons gas, unlock exciting combat skills and increase their effectiveness to the maximum. Fight, destroy enemies, train different combinations, get a lot of fun from the game!


The graphics of this game are not outstanding, but they are memorable. You have Vikings, gods, cyborgs at your disposal, and they all have their unique abilities. The mechanics of the game are very convenient, you will quickly learn how to play it. In Brawhallay you can play not only with your friends but also with them in the same team.


It can be noted that online tournaments are organized for this platformer. Constant updates, a huge selection of heroes, and beautiful graphics make this game one of the best games for phones in its genre. Even before its release on handhelds, Brawhalla established itself as a decent game with good ratings. This game is sure to get you through a dull evening!

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