Brutal Strike Mod 1.3601 (Immortal, Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Category Action
Size 162M
Version 1.3601
Update: 09/03/2023
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Brutal Strike  – is sure to appeal to all mechanics and fans of classics like Counter Strike. Completing this unique shooter is guaranteed to turn into the most enjoyable experience.

What is Brutal Strike?

Brutal Strike is a shooting game with vivid gameplay and high quality graphics. The design resembles the famous CS GO. Here you also need to actively move to the position, shoot the enemy. The most skillful, intelligent and lucky shooter who has mastered all elements of the environment will win.

Brutal Strike

The first-person perspective allows you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere, to be a part of what is happening. There is a multiplayer mode with the participation of other players. After the level loads, gamers will find themselves in a random place.

He needs to quickly navigate and get weapons, attack enemies, try to hit the head or chest. An impressive arsenal of pistols, assault rifles, SMGs, TTs and sniper rifles is available. You can buy grenades and other accessories in the store with the money accumulated in the game.

Gameplay Guide

Join some of the most successful gamers in the world in epic team battles. Prove to them that you own firearms and other weapons that are not only no less but possibly better than them. Test your prowess in all available modes on superbly detailed CS 1.6 graphics.

Brutal Strike Cheats

The game has 5 modes at the same time. It’s about everyone’s favorite classic battles and extremely engaging quests, epic battles and bloody battles with zombies. The place where these fascinating battles will take place will be a huge game map.

It’s better to prepare for the battle well in advance. For your fighter, you need to choose the right equipment and the best armor. Don’t forget about decent weapons.

Outstanding features of Brutal Strike

Supply the brave warrior with powerful grenades and other equipment that will prove deadly to the enemy. With careful preparation, the probability of a successful battle will increase many times over.

Some maps feature battles borrowed from popular games. Fighting in familiar terrain will be a lot easier. They have been slightly modified by increasing the original scale. The creators of the game have added many new items here.

Brutal Strike Mod

Especially for fans of such games, the general destructibility of objects has been significantly increased. Join the gamers who have joined the battle as easily as pears. Simply become the owner of your own account and quickly choose one of the free hosts.

Attractive game:

  • Well thought out game modes.
  • A unique combination of several mechanics at once.
  • Optimized 3D graphics.
  • Choice of weapons and other items.

Very nice graphics

Brutal Strike has beautiful three-dimensional graphics, quality rendering environment. Simple controls, with tips for beginners. The game itself is lightweight, easy to load, and requires no prior configuration. 6 maps, 25 weapons, 5 journey modes, including multiplayer.

Hack Brutal Strike

The game doesn’t end with an ideal optimized, monetized mod, the shooter runs without problems even on weak devices, tk. have low system requirements. During the journey, gamers are free to act, can move anywhere and use any strategy.

Attack first, stun enemies, or ambush using elements of the environment. Any approach is easy to test. All player achievements are saved, victories are displayed in the statistics table, and the best achievements are in the top rankings.