Call of Spartan iOS Mod 4.5.4 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

NameCall of Spartan
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The real-time management strategy in Call of Spartan will transport players to the ancient times of Ancient Greece, where you need to confront a variety of enemies who are not averse to taking possessions. your. To prevent the fall of ancient Sparta, you need to regularly size up your army. This will allow you to successfully fight the enemy in battles and battles.

Call of Spartan

The army needs well-trained and equipped soldiers. To do this, it is important to promptly teach them special skills, as well as build forges and barracks, where new and effective weapons are produced. After creating an effective army, you can participate in battles. The battles in the game do not happen automatically, so each battle requires the intervention of the player, who must control and direct his soldiers.

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Each completed battle will give you certain bonuses, such as diamonds, which can later be invested in growing your mighty empire or used to gain experience, this will level up the army’s combat ability. Moving around the ancient map, gamers will find useful resources, very useful for building and improving buildings and structures.

Historical strategy lovers will certainly enjoy the plot of the Call of Spartan strategy, which will take them to the ancient times of ancient Sparta.

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