Campus: Date Sim iOS Mod 2.51 (Unlimited Money/Energy)

Category Simulation
Size 184M
Version 2.51
Update: 01/11/2021
Install Original android iphone

Campus takes you back to college, when the parties were cooler and the girls hotter. Go to the girls’ hostel to have sex. You will meet three charming young girls. Flirt with each of them and try to build a relationship.


For this you must try. Meet some conditions – difficult, but just like in life! Make a gift for the girl you like the most. Then you can understand each other better. Give them cute things, and in return they will thank you with beautiful photos. Flirting and increasing interest in you from the heroines.


Join the dating

Flirting mechanics are implemented here through an entertaining mini-game. Choose different variations of the comment, completing the dialogue so that the particular mood scale is filled with hearts. But be careful: unsuccessful answers can, on the contrary, lower it, and then the girl will lose interest in you.


Get the attention of all the girlfriends in one room and go to another – nothing can beat your passion for romance! Playing slot machines and getting attractive bonuses will help you in this process. Choose and give girls glamorous outfits – they’ll appreciate it.

campus-date-sim-apk-latest version


At Campus, you can pair up with one or more girls. Or limit yourself to hot but short-lived romances. Be polite, don’t act rash, and luck will smile on you. But be more attentive in your actions: any action, both positive and negative, will inevitably affect attitudes towards you. It takes a lot of dollars to get the favor of girls. But with a mod with a lot of money, spending is no longer a problem.

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