Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod 1.95.2 (Unlimited Lives/Moves)

Category Casual
Size 90M
Version 1.95.2
Update: 26/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

In Candy Crush Friends Saga you have to go in search of real lost friends. The quest will take place in a bright and colorful candy kingdom.

What is the plot?

The mayor of the town, Mr. Toffe, asks for your help – you need to collect sweets in a row of at least three pieces, thus creating combinations of candies and getting valuable rewards. This is the only way you can free your cute animal friends and increase your level, unlocking access to new quests to meet along the way.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Don’t be afraid to be alone – the funny candy-selling helpers are always ready to come to the rescue, they will suggest beneficial combinations and keep you from getting lost in the sweet realm. But you still have to think, because the salvation of your friends is in your hands.


Trade bright candies, save your friends, unlock new levels, get rewards and outfits that you can try on your assistants to advance on the path of the Candy Kingdom. The more combinations you collect, the stronger you become, and the more interesting and mysterious things await you ahead.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

Hundreds of levels of the game will not let you get bored, because the difficulty will increase, with surprises and many special features of complex combinations, which the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom will say With you carefully, will not end until the end of the game. Some of the lollipops are initially frozen, and it’s not easy to get them, but the taste of victory will be even sweeter!

Features of Candy Crush Friends Saga

If you dare to go on a fun and exciting adventure by exploring Candy Crush Friends Saga, then you are waiting for:

  • Hundreds of levels of varying difficulty, each of which will allow you to rescue one of your lost friends;
  • A wide variety of sweets, as bright candies, gum, and fish jelly are certainly not limited;
  • Funny assistants can be decorated at will with costumes earned by completing levels;
  • Hilarious dances of joy from saving cute animals.
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  • Improve game skills – with each level, the puzzles will become more difficult, and your ability to solve them will become more and more talented;
  • Go through the Candy Kingdom completely free (if you want, you can buy goods with real money, but no less fun to play without financial investment);
  • The ability to play without the Internet – even while flying on a plane, candy friends will not be left without your help.

Collect colorful gifts in a row, rescue adorable friends to become the true master of Candy Crush Friends Saga who will obey every mystery of the sweet kingdom.