Castle Story iOS Mod 1.63.2 (Unlimited Scroll and Money)

Category Casual
Size 76M
Version 1.63.2
Update: 18/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

Castle Story is a game from the “restorers” series. The princess decided to visit her childhood palace and was not surprised – over the years of stagnation, the castle fell into decay and began to look like an abandoned wreck. So something needs to be done. That’s why you’re here.

Castle Story

Replace each old and outdated one in an addictive match-3 puzzle. With each stage, more and more complex tasks and goals are waiting for you, such as you will need to collect numbers of a certain color or remove some faulty objects from the field. . All of these will require special patience and diligence from you, be persistent with your goals. Because all hope is only in you.

Castle Story Mod

Castle Story Mod will also have many interesting conversations with new, unexpected characters. In addition to mini-games, you have to solve external problems, which will also fall on you with special enthusiasm. Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out right away. The butler, Mr. Wilson, will always give you good advice and point out your shortcomings.

It is better to spend the coins received for completed levels to buy additional bonuses. If you have a lot of them, for example, if you use a mod with a lot of money, it will not be difficult for you to change the appearance of the pre-installed decorative elements and embellish the palace, maybe say so. You will also need money to buy more lives, because you may not be able to pass any difficulty levels.

Hack Castle Story

In general, you are not likely to have undue difficulty. Consider your actions in case the plan fails, and continue the painstaking and lengthy work of updating the castle. Turn it not just back to what it used to be, but into something perfect.

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