Chuchel Mod 100,000+ (Unlimited Money)

SizeJuly 22, 2021
Install Original android iphone

Chuchel is a travel-style comedy perfect for a child audience. The main character is a funny creature named Scarecrow. His mission is to get to the precious cherries, pass many rather difficult tests (for a child audience, of course) and go on amazing adventures. In addition, there is an enemy – Kekel, who is trying to outdo the protagonist in everything and prevent him from achieving his goal.


Features of Chuchel

Great humor, many puzzles, and wonderful scenes of humor will melt the ice even in the most carefree heart, and the jokes will make the entire audience of this game very happy. And of course – the crown of everything is such a wonderful cherry, who doesn’t love this amazing berry?

Many awards have been in the CHUCHEL (Scarecrow) property, so they have received awards from many studios for the stupidity, high-quality humor, and sea of ​​positivity this game has to offer. It will allow anyone to cheer up, no matter how bad it was before, even adults will be interested in playing this game with their children, helping them in moments certain.

Chuchel Mod

Chuchel graphics

Graphics in the game are cartoonish, corresponding to the age of the main player. The characters are specifically designed to appeal to their audience, while also being very unusual. A lot of funny situations are waiting for the character on the way to victory, and of course, all this humor will be shown to young gamers. The game is completely open and available to pass.

A great game for a children’s audience, allowing you to entertain your child and teach you how to solve some puzzles and riddles in a pleasant, playful way.