City Island 5 iOS Mod 3.34.1 (Unlimited Money/Gold, Free Shopping)

Category Simulation
Size 87M
Version 3.34.1
Update: 16/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

City Island 5 is a unique simulator that allows you to not only build a single – single city on a separate island, but also continuously expand your control area, discover new islands and Master them, expand the boundaries of your island and thus increase the area of ​​the city, making it bigger, better and more interesting.


Gameplay and Missions

The local world consists of many small islands, each unique in its own way – nature and landscape never repeat. Players will have to build many houses, shops and other necessary structures to generate income, and with the money received, will be able to expand their properties and continue to build. Thanks to big money fashion, the expansion is accelerating dramatically.

city-island-5-apk-latest version

Your task is to build a modern city on the island with all the modern technologies. Starting from a very small area, you can gradually increase it. This will require the construction and design of various buildings, creating the necessary infrastructure. Factories and shopping centers will provide opportunities for profit, contributing to the further development of the city. For the convenience of exploring the neighboring islands, an original airship is provided. Travel and find new ways to grow your new world!


Unique features of City Island 5

City Island 5 allows you to initially manage only a very small town, but even a village. Then you need to build and improve buildings, get income from them and increase it, which will allow you to open new more interesting buildings and most importantly, start searching for new islands can also colonize and thus expand your sphere of influence, and the landscape, as mentioned, has a lot of improvements and local customization of buildings, which makes the game full of fun. colorful and very interesting.


A big plus of the game is the ability to play it without an Internet connection, which means that your favorite city will always be with you and you can start managing it at any time.

It is necessary to build houses, expand territories, get rewards and achievements, open treasure chests. Many islands are waiting for settlers, it’s time to build your own city, it will be the way you want it.

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