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NameConquerors: Golden Age
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A strategy called Conquerors: Golden Age excels in capabilities and extends many of the same apps to Android devices. The events of the game take place in the medieval universe, directly in Arabia. The main task is to conquer all available lands on the mainland, using all possible methods for this, using diplomacy, tactical thinking, economic calculation. Real users will have to resist, who also have certain knowledge and skills. So it would be quite difficult to enslave some land that already belongs to someone.

Conquerors: Golden Age

An attack can happen on any player’s territory, so you always need to be ready for an attack and worry about the presence of a defense. The game starts very often for a certain genre, you need to develop the area that belongs to you, build some objects that can be useful, hire and train soldiers, get resources and materials for construction.

Step by step conquering new territories, you will feel like the main ruler of the world. At the same time, do not forget the importance of trade between regions, sending caravans with various things and food to the neighboring regions, taking care to protect them in case of attack. Local bandits often attack caravans, so you should always be ready for confrontation.

Conquerors: Golden Age Mod

It is important to create in the game Conquerors: Golden Age a powerful army of the best warriors, who need to be replenished regularly, equipped with new weapons, taught the most skills and methods of combat. determined. You can make surprise attacks on your opponents and capture their commander, ransom them, and the higher the rank of captured commander, the more coins you can get for your head. he.

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Also, don’t forget to select allies that you will need to share all your trophies. You will also need to share territory with allies, which is quite difficult to win alone. Therefore, you should make the right choice about whom you will participate in the battle for new lands.

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