Dark Legends Mod 2.5.36 (Unlimited Money)

CategoryRole Playing
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Dark Legends on iOS is another representative of the online multiplayer game that tells the story of the struggle between humanity and a bloodthirsty vampire. So you’ll start playing the role of a young vampire (you can choose a nickname and gender, then change the character’s appearance) who every day meets people who are trying their best to destroy them. destroy the entire vampire community forever. You can’t deal with them alone, you know this well. And so you will need to find your kind, and together start the war against everyone.

Dark Legends

And it will be necessary to fight not only humanity but also other creatures that inhabit the local vicinity – werewolves, terrible demons, all kinds of evil spirits and creatures. another object of the dark forces! So you will have to fully explore the world with all its hidden sides and secrets, and also somehow find a common language with beings just like you. In addition to all of the above, the different mission missions and the huge number of levels will appeal to any online player who prefers the RPG genre over other styles! Good luck with this game!