Dream Restaurant (Mod Unlimited Money/Gems) V2.9.547

NameDream Restaurant
Install Original android iphone

Dream Restaurant is a simulator designed to create your dream restaurant. First, you can start simply by arranging the chairs. Next, you will have the opportunity to gradually switch to the menu. It makes no sense to just use classic dishes. It is desirable to offer a wide range to visitors.

This means that the cook must be versatile. To some, it looks like it will become a regular coffee shop. Of course, individuality is important. That is, the restaurant should have a unique style. It’s better to think about the general concept first.

Dream Restaurant

You can select a specific country and add the appropriate elements. For example, Japan or France are in great demand. Folklore instantly creates the atmosphere. When the first visitors arrive, you can immediately see the ratings. Players try to quickly solve the problem, but others appear.

Of course, in Dream Restaurant, one wishes to foresee trouble. With heavy traffic, this is not possible. When guests are in serious difficulty, they place the lowest score. As a result, the restaurant may close completely.

Dream Restaurant Mod

Also in the game, there are certain governing bodies. They inspect the facilities according to the standards. It is important to provide drainage and water supply. So visitors can go to the toilet and wash their hands. If this is not the case, the fine will be immediate. If players previously spent their funds to buy important things, now they will have to be given to the regulator.

The most interesting thing in the game, many people will call for purchases in the store. Often you want to update the chair or table. You must first look at the catalog and only then estimate the budget. Independent players choose what, where to put, there is a mod for a lot of money.