Event Horizon Mod 1.9.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Event Horizon will take you to the distant future when humanity has conquered vast space. Become the leader of an exploratory expedition sent to distant stars. Enjoy the atmosphere of endless space with hundreds of planetary systems that you can fly to. Navigate the star map and discover new unexplored areas.

Event Horizon

Explore every planet you come across – exciting discoveries may await you on the surface. But do not forget to monitor the condition of your ship and replenish the fuel tanks in time – it is impossible to conduct research without fuel. In addition to the secrets and mysteries in the hidden corners of the universe, dangers may also await you.

Face hostile aliens and pirates and fight back in breathtaking battles. Drop the fighter and change the way you fly – dodge attacks and fire from laser weapons. Master the skills of diplomacy and study the political system: you can become a member of one of 10 factions, which will affect the attitudes of other factions towards you. Play both in the single-player campaign and invite your friends to the battle in space.

Event Horizon Mod

Event Horizon has a rich RPG component. Evolve your main starship by upgrading its weapons and adding new useful modules. Modify fighters, make them more maneuverable, stronger, and more powerful. Gather an entire army of invincibility and claim your superiority over the other inhabitants of space.

Hack Event Horizon

Explore the skill tree, unlocking useful skills and bonuses to boost your military might. You no longer have to waste time on tedious pumping and accumulating coins: the mod for all ships unlocks units that weren’t available to you at the beginning of the game. Gain the edge in the battle against enemies and dangerous bosses!