Fairy Town iOS Mod 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

Category Simulation
Size 175M
Version 1.4.1
Update: 07/09/2022
Install Original android iphone

Fairy Town is an economic simulation of growing your farm and building a small town around it. At the beginning of the game, you only have a small house and a plot of land to grow food, at the harvest you can get a lot of money and buy valuable resources to build later.

Then the construction phase begins: it is not only necessary to build houses for the locals and expand the arable land, but also to develop light industry, creating workshops, warehouses, hospitals, and roads. iron with trains running along with them.

Fairy Town

The main character of the game Fairytale Town is a beautiful young girl who comes to live in a mystical land, inhabited by mystical creatures and characters from ancient fairy tales. She created her farm and grew various products, attracted people to trade, and began to build a small full-fledged city with a thriving industry.

In every matter, she is helped by a young man with whom you can start a romantic relationship and feel true love. They will not only work together but also explore their surroundings, meet mystical creatures and search for lost treasure.

Fairy Town Mod

During their travels, the main characters will meet Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White, who are ready to help create a happy city and reveal it to the world. New friend the wonderful secrets of the magical lands. It is possible to explore dark forests or dive to the bottom of the sea, uncover local secrets, and help other people and animals in trouble. The high-energy mod will give you unlimited game resources for instant construction and rapid base development.

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