Fire Strike Online Mod 3.62 (Immortal/Free Shopping)

Category Action
Size 403M
Version 3.62
Update: 20/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Fire Strike Online – a real fight for survival, where to win you need to be able to shoot quickly, immediately assess the situation and apply strategic decisions. There’s very interesting three-dimensional graphics and just a whirlwind of gameplay, which you just can’t escape. The plot is absent here, but really superfluous here.

Fire Strike Online

Fire Strike Online is an addictive free first person shooter game. In it in multiplayer mode, battles take place between teams of players. Recruit your own group of friends and like-minded people and win championships among gamers from different countries.

Fire Strike Online Highlights

The essence of the game revolves around 5v5 battles, and ten fully armed and armed players will have plenty of possibilities. The game consists of completing game missions, including clearing a certain area, mining objects, or disarming explosives. To do this, you need to research new specials, armor and weapons, upgrade your arsenal to take on equal opponents. Thanks to the mod that earns a lot of money, users will not have financial difficulties, and will quickly buy high-level equipment.

Fire Strike Online Mod

The setup time varies within 5-7 minutes, so the battles are at full intensity. For maximum comfort, auto fire can be set to focus entirely on driving. Despite the portable format, the physics of the movements are very realistic here. Operators, great 3D graphics and well-polished visual effects.

In the app there are several game slots, a sea of ​​different weapons, skins and attachments. A ranking system is provided that allows you to compete for the position of the leader.

Gameplay and Modes

The game has four modes in which the competition takes place: a single participant battle, a team battle, a neutral mode, and an arms race. Fierce battles are held in different conditions, in different locations. Including Chernobyl and major US cities.

Hack Fire Strike Online

An arsenal of used weapons and a variety of equipment will impress any gamer. All weapons can be improved, as well as more advanced weapons can be purchased. This ultimately increases your chances of winning. And the more games you win, the greater your chances of being in the top ten.

The well-thought-out multiplayer mode can be called one of the main advantages of the game. For battles as part of a team, tactics and combat skills are required by the force of all members. And only this is the key to success.