Forgotton Anne Mod 1.4 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

Category Adventure
Size 82M
Version 1.4
Update: 29/01/2022
Install Original android iphone

Forgotton Anne has always been an interesting person when things were going. Mail is not delivered on time, socks are lost, keys and other items are often lost. Turns out they all went to the land of Forgotten Things, where they found their souls and personalities. Every item dreams of returning to its owner so that a person remembers it.

Forgotton Anne

What is Forgotton Anne?

Forgotten Anne is a classic platform game made in the style that is loved by many anime. Although it all seems simple, this project has an interesting and engaging plot. Players will have to go through the story of a girl named Ann, who is dropped into the Forgotten Land. The main character will have to restore order in this place, as well as find the cause of conflicts and contradictions. But the important thing is that Ann needs to get everything in order, and not least, return home safe and healthy.


Once a girl Anna came to this country and became a participant in ongoing events. She met the locals, learning about the specifics of the place and the riot. Anna will have to decide whether the girl will support the rebels or, conversely, oppose them. The main thing is to return peace to the country and solve the puzzles associated with it. Only then can she return home.

Forgotton Anne Mod

Highlights of Forgotton Anne

A full version of the game is available. Interesting conversations and acquaintances with residents, a whole new world. Together with Anna, users will learn a lot about everything and this universe. Who knows, maybe the lost people end up in a similar place in reality? After all, people are constantly losing items, big and small, cheap and expensive. Every inhabitant of the Land of the Forgotten has a story of its own. Much depends on each word and the choice made.

“Forgotten World” is filled with things that are no longer needed. Each of them is a distinct personality with its personality and feel. Each of them has a charisma that can be noted in the course of their dialogue and actions. It’s worth noting that all the forgotten things are given special energy – Anima, which allows the player to progress in the story.

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Surely in the past, everyone has some objects and toys that they have long forgotten. I wonder what if they all came back to life?! This is exactly what is found in the game – Forgotton Anne. Tough decisions, vast locations, various puzzles, and much more await users in Forgotton Anne.