Fortress TD Mod 1.4.22 (Premium/Unlimited Money)

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Fortress TD is an extremely fun Tower Defense game. It is made in an unusual apocalyptic style and setting. In it, you have to rebuild the base, and then protect yourself and if possible, the party from ferocious and hungry enemies.

Very cool local two-dimensional graphics add atmosphere to the gameplay and refute the fact that the familiar world has ended. And once your neighbors and acquaintances are ready to attack and devour anyone without hesitation. All aspects of madness are shown here, which will surprise you and keep you in suspense until the very end.

Fortress TD

So your character is a retired soldier. You know how to survive and fight, that’s why you were chosen to be in charge. Now you have to organize the defense, train ordinary people in military operations, and how to handle different types of weapons. The day is the best time for learning, finding food and medicine, collecting old and new building materials, spare parts, etc. You have a long and difficult journey to get there, following the solved stories. escape from zombies.

Fortress TD Mod

So during the day, you will have to collect and strengthen defenses, as well as small teleports in search of new locations. Also in Fortress TD, your wards must cook, play sports, relax, repair fortifications, and repair vehicles to move around locations faster and safer. And at night to keep watch and fend off hungry and evil creatures.

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If the daytime part of the day looks more or less quiet, the night is a bloody hell. Along with the sunset, hordes of bloodthirsty creatures are approaching you. They will try to reach you, breaking your fortifications like a shell, so care about the quality of the buildings first. With the mod for Premium, some of your worries will disappear. You will now have access to the thickest fortifications, the best defensive weapons, and much more needed to complete the game.