Great Conqueror: Rome (Mod Free Shopping) V2.2.0

NameGreat Conqueror: Rome
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Historical strategy lovers will appreciate the Great Conqueror: Rome game that will bring gamers back to the era of the mighty Roman Empire. In the game, you have to play the role of the great commander of Rome, who will fight side by side with the outstanding and legendary figures of that era – Spartacus, Caesar, Pompey, and others. Try yourself as a military leader, you will be involved in the epic battles of Roman history.

Great Conqueror: Rome

To revive a new majestic empire, gamers will need to forge alliances and alliances, because it is completely useless to confront different countries alone. Having an ally’s position, you will conquer more territory, easily dealing with enemy raids and sieges. By completing missions, you will gain experience, and as loot, you can receive valuable artifacts that will make you a legendary tactician and commander.

Great Conqueror: Rome Mod

To make the people of your cities and towns happy, you need to think about the cultural component of their lives. Gamers will not only have to train the army but also have to think about the construction of different cultural sites and monuments for the prosperity of their people.

After conquering a certain territory, the player can try to conquer the whole world. For this, he will need powerful ships and trained units. You should not ignore the various research that will greatly strengthen your army and raise the morale of your soldiers.

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Of course, this period of historical strategy will not only become great entertainment but also help players feel the culture and life of the ancient empire.