Heroes Magic World: Inferno Mod 1.3.6 (Unlimited Money)

Category Strategy
Size 97M
Version 1.3.6
Update: 01/11/2021
Install Original android iphone

Heroes Magic World: Inferno is a strategy game with familiar gameplay inspired by the legendary original game. There is a map with different locations where the hero travels with his battle team. In some locations you can get bonuses or new units, in some other locations you can fight enemies.

Heroes Magic World: Inferno

Features of the Game

Unlike the previous part, there are no keys to produce units. However, you can get cards featuring different creatures as a reward, and then call them into your small army.

Battles and combat systems are classics for such games: before the battle, players place units and heroes, then the battle takes place in automatic mode. Heroes can be improved, but this requires careful and long-term resource saving, so we recommend installing a mod with big money.

How to play

If we look at Heroes: Magic World Inferno in terms of strategy, we can say that this is a game that is completely accessible and easy to understand, even for beginners.

Heroes Magic World: Inferno Mod

The style of passing and fighting still depends on which faction you choose. It’s important to make good use of the starting inventory, such as armor, weapons, and boosters, which can add excitement and originality to your first playthrough.

Why the first one? Because the tactical combat system and the strategy part of the game are designed for multiple replays. The number of new units, enemies, and types of equipment is so large that it will be difficult for you to see the full content of this epic strategy for the first time. Therefore, assemble a team of heroes, defeat all who stand in your way and come back again!

Pleasant graphics

Graphically, the game looks familiar and interesting. When it comes to animations during combat, the characters’ movements are varied and consistent with their actions, so battles don’t quickly get boring.