Hidden City Mod 1.53.5304 (Unlimited Rubies/Money)

Category Adventure
Size 182M
Version 1.53.5304
Update: 25/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Hidden City – All those who have had their hearts peeled for exciting adventures can step over the fine lines of reality right now and instantly find themselves in the wizarding world. You will need to look for all sorts of hidden objects.

Serious dangers lurk at every turn. Dungeons don’t just want to reveal their eternal secret. We have to deal with them. Means are simply not enough, but you can use amulets.

Hidden City

Hidden City Highlights

The help of true friends is very important! A beginner who finds himself in a mystical city could easily find himself in trouble. But his friends have settled in the mysterious city, finding out its secrets. There is still there to download the Hidden City game and confidently embark on an exciting journey.

What else is interesting about this game:

  • Referred 29 substandard locations;
  • Systematic updates are noted. Here, new content is constantly present in the application;
  • More than 2000 special missions have been developed, so players will be able to participate in various adventures.

Hidden City Mod

Again, you are not alone in a strange, mysterious, sometimes hostile world. Friends are near! In times of trouble, they will certainly come out to help.

Magician’s atmosphere

The player plunges straight into the mysterious atmosphere of the witch, an existence he could not have imagined before. He is shrouded in mysterious shadows, he learns the power of magical rituals.

Each puzzle can be solved, but you will face many dangers. And leaving the space of this magical city is very difficult and strenuous. Furthermore, players will have to meet unique heroes number 21. Each of these characters is unlike any other.

Hack Hidden City

Each player here has the ability that they have always dreamed of. There are many puzzles to solve. For example, it will be necessary to engage in the traditional search for objects hidden inside the facility, “three in a row”, other tests await.


In the story, an active gamer comes to the aid of a local detective agency. There was nothing the intelligent detectives could do, their efforts were completely pointless.

A player visiting places must have energy. Time passes, and her losses are made up for. And to access useful opportunities, you will need to have gold bars and crystals.

Download Hidden City now for iOS and getting into the game right away is the only simple task. Here is a direct link to the original file.