Hit Master 3D iOS Mod 1.7.8 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

NameHit Master 3D
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Hit Master 3D – each event of this exciting arcade action game evolves unpredictably. The tasks of the super-agent will have to be completed by you because all the tasks will be extremely difficult. The hero’s task is further complicated by the fact that he will have to act exclusively alone. But a real spy’s arsenal will be small – he will have to learn to use only knives. If handled skillfully, they will become the deadly weapon of all terrorists. Free the unfortunate hostages and get them on the rescue helicopter as soon as possible.

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Each next level will be more difficult. Overcoming obstacles that are placed on the roofs of tall buildings will also be a difficult task. Hidden in the house, the opponent is ready to rush at you without further hesitation. It is necessary to stop their attack with knives.

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You should aim for the head precisely – so the terrorists will be instantly harmless. To be precise, otherwise, you will have to use extra knives. Superagent also handles tanks with flammable mixtures. They will immediately explode if stabbed with a knife. The torn barrel will destroy the bad guys that are nearby. Watch carefully so that there are no civilians near the explosion site. It is strictly forbidden to damage them.

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The difficulty of the new level increases gradually and the strength of the enemies also increases proportionally. The number of your opponents will increase significantly. To fight them more effectively, use an improved knife. Controlling the actions of a spy is simple – just point at the desired point on the screen. The success of the mission depends on your reaction speed, as well as accuracy.

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