Human: Fall Flat iOS Mod 1.10 (OBB/Unlimited Money) Download

NameHuman: Fall Flat
SizeNovember 16, 2021
Install Original android iphone steam

Human Fall Flat – an unusual simulation based on physics. In the game, you need to help a clumsy character named Bob. The game begins with Bob falling asleep and having a strange dream. He is constantly flying down and on his way there are various obstacles.


You will have to solve many puzzles, each of which can be solved completely individually, so everything depends only on you. Move or move objects, but be careful because any mistake will send your character into the early game. Can you go to the end to stop this strange dream?

Story introduction

Human: Fall Flat – the main character is a cute little guy. He is obviously very awkward, constantly clinging to things, falling, tripping on the ground. Sometimes an ordinary walk turns into a series of troubles.

human-fall-flat-apk-latest version

So the character often finds himself in places that are difficult to get out of. Gamers will have to help him, find a way out of seemingly impossible situations. We will have to explore the location in as much detail as possible and remember, any means can help solve the problem!

What a character can do is walk (although very clumsy), jump, cling to objects, hold them, move somewhere, climb somewhere. First, gamers need to master the controls and discover the hero’s abilities.


The best feature of Human: Fall Flat

  • One style of play, other missions often require attention and persistence.
  • Nice graphics, well designed locations.
  • 10 levels to complete. A little, but sometimes confusing puzzles. But all missions are positive, they bring a lot of fun.
  • You can invite friends. Together, any business is faster.
  • When multiplayer is selected, a random group of players is assembled each time – there are teams of 2, 3 and 4 participants.
  • Real laws of physics are used – objects and characters behave like the real thing.


A full version is available where everything is unlocked. The user can choose clothes for the hero, create his own style, combine different options. But his character will be recognized from afar!

Download ( V1.10 )
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