Hunter Assassin Mod 1.85.0 (Unlimited Crystals/Diamonds)

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Hunter Assassin is a great example of a 2D action game where the player will have to dissolve into the world around him. Without the skills of a natural-born killer, it would be difficult to go unnoticed. The sentinels do not sleep, they are ready to deal with any stranger.


Stress fighting

Hunter Assassin stands out even in the huge arsenal of modern games. The controls here are as simple as possible, which makes it even more fun. Only in this way can players get a feel for what it’s like to be a real killer. Try to get through the strict protection so that she won’t even notice your shadow.


As soon as the attention of armed thugs is occupied by surrounding events, they should be dealt with immediately. Guardians should be neutralized at lightning speed, then there will be very little left for great treasures.

Hunter Assassin Gameplay

The main thing for your character is not to be in the guardian’s lantern beam. They are well trained, so they will shoot a stranger in no time. After that, the quest will fail, and the treasure will be unobtainable. But you should not take risks mindlessly, because unfortunately, your health reserves are not endless. Think about your next move so as not to attract the eyes of the guards.


If you accumulate enough funds, then you can hire other assassins to complete the next mission. Each of these mercenaries has unique skills that could soon become indispensable.