Idle Army Base iOS Mod 2.2.0 (Upgrade/Free Shopping)

NameIdle Army Base
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Idle Army Base takes the player to a military base. It is with its creation that the whole game begins. Gamers are faced with the rather difficult task of training special soldiers. Here soldiers have long forgotten civilian life. After all, only grueling training awaits them ahead, capable of turning even a small boy into an experienced, rather powerful fighter. However, this whole process must be closely monitored. The task of the gamer is to carefully educate the warriors, giving each mission the appropriate level of training.


Best Features of Idle Army Base

Soldiers spend a lot of time in training schools, shooting at moving targets, learning how to overcome difficult obstacles. With each task completed, gamers will receive a certain amount of coins. In-game currency will be required even at the first stage of creating a military base.


Continuity funds help the modernization process. You never stop at the results achieved. Military bases need to be systematically expanded to accommodate as many recruits as possible. A good help in the development of the base is a mod for a lot of money, which removes a lot of restrictions.

idle-army-base-apk-latest version

Train your army

After the modernization of the barracks, the speed of training soldiers and the effectiveness of training increased. We must not even forget about a simple bus, located at the entrance to the military base, as well as the front door. After all, this is where the new job application process takes place. Gradually, many new structures appeared in the game Idle Army Base. Soldiers can now train even on tanks, they can wage naval battles or engage in chemical attacks.

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