Idle Transformation iOS Mod 3.2 (Unlimited Diamonds/Spin Free)

NameIdle Transformation
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Idle Transformation – The latest Stimulator has improved the transformation of favorite heroes. In every level you can easily change your favorite character into Yeti, Werewolf, Alien, Mummy, Lizard, Dinosaur and other amazing heroes that can be in your fantasy.


What is Idle Transformation?

Idle Transformation is a unique combination of strategy genre with advanced puzzle game and new generation casual click tool, which is rapidly gaining popularity among users.

Players are invited to stand at the head of a laboratory experiment factory in which creepy but very interesting biological experiments on variation and genetics are carried out.

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The player will have to do research and breed different creatures to experiment on a person and turn him into various terrible monsters and monsters, and this will have to be done within the framework of the game. all kinds of quests and achievements. as in free modes with multifaceted “creativity”.


Start playing and try to change a normal person in Idle Transform beyond perceivability. Remember that all metamorphosis will require resources for fusion and mutation itself, as well as actual genetic material and components from previously bred organisms, organs harvested and even mechanical parts and chips are implanted.


You can earn money for all of this in various honest ways or by installing a mod for monetization and starting all desired experiments. Give your hero the coolest abilities, make crocodile skin and lengthen the tail of a scorpion, transform the wings of an eagle and attach them to a human’s back, try all kinds of fangs and horns, scales and teeth terrible, long limbs and powerful feet.

Conduct a variety of research and crossbreeding, in order to get a wonderful creature with amazing abilities, which until recently was an ordinary person. Save your progress and add the finished mutant to your collection to show off your creations to fans of this fun toy!


Features of Idle Transformation

You can start the transformation from any part of the body, for example, from the limbs. Also, with every click to change your character, you can get the bonus of the game. The transformations are very unique and depend only on your wild imagination. It will be interesting for you to see how your characters change, but the most interesting is the end goal, you will see that a person has transformed into something unimaginable from the world in your imagination.

  • Interesting reincarnation.
  • Exceptional quality 3D graphics.
  • Many characters to transform.
  • Sound quality.

The graphics of the stimulator are clearly drawn, the models of the heroes become very natural. If you are just looking for such games in which you will do the transformation of many heroes, then this option is for you.

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