Infinite Galaxy iOS Mod 3.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

NameInfinite Galaxy
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Infinite Galaxy – A space strategy with a fantastic future, full of large-scale battles and intergalactic confrontations, will help blow off steam and relax your head. Everything in the game is interesting: 3D art, music, beautiful characters, good Russian dubbing, well-developed heroes.

Infinite Galaxy

The action takes place in the year 4649. The Andromeda Galaxy, the center of the Milky Way, is a colony, and a war is going on between invaders and rebels. The universe is brimming with space pirates, private traders, and unexplored objects. At such a difficult time, the player will take command of one of the galaxy’s spaceships.

What is Infinite Galaxy?

Infinite Galaxy is a unique strategy game set in deep space. The chief enemy of all free men is the mighty Empire, which has enslaved many planets. Rebel forces were created to counter this threat. You will take the role of leading the resistance and crushing the Empire. To do this, the player will be given a base, which will be a great place to build a strong fleet. Develop it, research technology, and create more powerful ships.

Gradually, you will be able to explore outer space, which is simply huge. You have to fight for the liberation of each planet. The plot of the game will be able to lure you for a long time into the world of space battles, and the stunning graphics will impress even the most demanding players.

Features and Graphics

The game has several things to do: build and improve buildings, create a fleet of spaceships equipped with the latest technologies, recruit a professional crew. Explore the star system, fly into a black hole, craft, trade, fight for dominance with other players and earn coins for upgrades.

Infinite Galaxy Mod

In addition, there is a free choice mode that allows you to fight for the invaders or the Rebel Alliance. Players will become the undefeated commander who has made his race the dominant race in the galaxy? Or will it lead to destruction? Andromeda’s future depends only on him.

The graphics here aren’t just a pretty picture, it’s a bunch of animations and special effects. The unusual design of the corporation (clan, clan) is very impressive. The details are superbly drawn. The controls are simple and intuitive. The soundtrack is excellent – ​​the melodies are soothing in the base and exciting in the battles.


In the game Infinite Galaxy, you will be able to hire assistants. Leave them at the base as advisers, or send them with your fleet to battle the enemy – it’s up to you. Each team member has their their own story, which the player can get to know. The number of different stars exceeds 30 types. Drawings of ancient technologies will help you create really powerful ships.

Hack Infinite Galaxy

Look for them in imperial fortresses or on battlefields. It’s hard to be alone in space, so contact other players and join an alliance. Develop your offensive and defensive strategies. As you explore the galaxy, you will uncover countless secrets and mysteries.

It will take funds to build a base and a strong fleet. For this mission, a mod that earns a lot of money is perfect. Now, nothing can stop you from becoming one of the most powerful commanders and exploring the galaxies.

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