Johnny Trigger iOS Mod 1.12.18 (All Guns Unlocked)

Install Original android iphone

Johnny Trigger invites you to try your hand at the image of a brave commando, who has amazing skills and can easily fight dangerous criminals. After all, it is with them that a brave gamer needs to deal with. The special agent was full of courage, and a powerful weapon supported him. In addition, the character also knows how to show great tricks, rotate in the air, and shoot simultaneously from two pistols. A brave commando protects the civilians of the city. He has to deal with a criminal gang.


The dangerous Mafiosi have declared war on the special forces. But he does not succumb to the most difficult tests. The reckless hero bravely passed the assigned missions, rescued the hostages, and took down the criminals. A great bonus for the adventures to come will be a mod for everything open.


It removes many restrictions and allows you to plunge straight into dangerous confrontations. To fight criminals, you must use all available means. Clever and cunning opponent. To destroy them, you need to jump as high as possible, climb on suitable objects, master your every step.


Johnny Trigger has a variety of weapons. To approach any model, you must have the courage to complete every assigned task and confidently follow the set goals. All criminals will be destroyed. However, the supply of ink cartridges is always limited. That is why any upcoming activity should be carefully considered. With each shot, it is necessary to choose the most favorable time so that not a single bullet is fired in vain but hits the exact target.

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