NameJohnny Trigger
ReleaseSayGames Ltd

The coolest action. Download Johnny Trigger for Android. You have not seen such a project for a long time, with which you can enjoy crazy shots, explosions, and acrobatic etudes that can take place in the spirit of American action movies.

You must test your abilities in this game and get a lot of experience and other unique features. Enjoy the most spectacular moments, do not remain indifferent to everything, and defeat any opponent. All fans of high dynamics, intense shootings, and everything else will be satisfied.

Our main character will be a well-armed dude who will eliminate the most hardened criminals. These creatures have filled the whole city, arranged massacres, and tried to crush everyone under them. You can visit different places, walk along the streets of this settlement and meet your enemies. Show all your abilities, demonstrate them to enemies and get more experience. The most incredible physics, many unique features, and everything you like. It’s time to put things in order in this city, test your unique qualities of a cool dude and defeat crime.

Johnny Trigger MOD

It's fun butt kinda laggy and the reaction time seems a little off some times but no forced ads except a few which Is how you guys make money and is cool! To be fair I just started playing soo I cant comment on maybe add some competitive multiplayer options . I love this game because I love it pls game if you are bored of doing nothing try the game out guy 1/20 it is a 20 for meee . Listen JT Is a very fun game for the first 200-300 levels,cuz... this game is too easy! Way too easy! Weapons are useless cuz the game is too easy,and while it does say more damage,burst or full auto fire,the ammo, but no, it's dumb! Since u can only use these weapons at bosses and not ordinary thugs. The game leaves you bored cuz you can't do anything other than collect,(hammers and stuff) shooting the bad guys, killing bosses and yeah that's the game.. I love this game very lot but I had a bug on level 100 anyways I get out of that bug anyway very very nice game no ads very much I love this game single player but very nice game . Great game... waiting for the new story... but it seems it won't be updated any longer. What a shame a great game wasted like this. A discontinued game with a false hope for ending the story given. The newest updates done nothing, including no continuation of the story, just fixing bugs and improvements on Ads section ..

Johnny Trigger APK

This game is good for children but the problem is that it is pay to win anything so in my opinion it must be play to win. It kinda of fun but sometimes when I win two time it gave me a ad and I click on it l by accident. Love this game my friend and I loved playing this game because we would have a contest of who ever get the most kills in the end of the day. Best game I used to play it on my old phone and it is an enjoyable game not much adds to.

Johnny Trigger APK

pretty bogus unskippable ads every round. i miss old mobile gaming, temple run, doodle jump, clash of clans global chat. We'll never have anything good. It's a awesome game I love it so much it is my favorite gun game it is the best stickman game . It's excellent for a mobile game, however it has certain issues that most people would encounter. For example, it forces you to view advertising, and once a level is completed, you may just turn off your internet to avoid it. Teaching beyond level 600 becomes monotonous because it appears that you are simply repeating the difficulties and maps. The best part is that there are intriguing riddles that reveal details about Johnny and his skins. I'd also like to see events that add to the fun. (). Great game all in all but in level 188 the boss has completely disappeared for me.Has this happened to anyone Else?.

Johnny Trigger APK

Download ( V1.12.33 )

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