NameWorld War Polygon
ReleaseAlda Games

World War Polygon is a fast-paced, tactical, and tactical shooter that invites fans to immerse themselves in the battles of the Second World War. Made in a modern polygonal shape, the toy will delight you with classic controls with the console on the right side of the screen, loads of quests, modes, and events, so you’ll always have something to look forward to: Something to do and no friends.

A fascinating solo company World War Polygon the opportunity to experience a crazy first-person shooter. You will take part in the battles of World War II, take advantage of your abilities, and defeat any enemy. It is at that moment when the whole world turns out to be hell that you enter the international arena and will resist evil. This game project will help you become a real hero of a single company, experience epic moments, and do many heroic deeds. Be the bravest warrior, take advantage of your army, and defeat the enemy. You can visit the Eastern Front, Normandy, and other equally essential places.

Players will have to shoot, run, occupy the defense line, attack quickly, or sit in ambush, using artillery and equipment in the form of tanks and anti-aircraft guns. There is an exciting research and upgrade system; the different characteristics of the character can be improved to achieve thrilling victories. The craziest first-person shooter that will help you take advantage of all its features. But have a great time. If you decide to play a multiplayer project, you will have, exciting missions every day. Excellent graphics, incredible combat battles, and everything that will make you feel the astonishing reality of World War II. You have absolutely everything to win all matches.

Start playing World War Polygon and get used to the dynamic gameplay. Try different tactical tricks, and shoot enemies with rifles and machine guns, glorified in the Great Patriotic War. Throw grenades, use a melee attack, lay mines, and shoot from bases and machine guns. Spend the money you earn to research armor and discover new weapons, helmets, and boots, and if you don’t have enough money at all times, install mods to make money and get everything you need. Need an easy and straightforward way. Try different modes for a single user, which offer great missions, and participate in online gambling competitions.

Cover your comrades in arms, sit in trenches, drive tanks hit enemies with artillery and between battles, replenish ammunition, and improve your firepower. Enjoy heated confrontations, participate in dynamic events, and receive ratings, skins, and many unique equipment items.

World War Polygon MOD

This game is the best thing ever and I was going through my head is pounding on the phone with you and. Absolutely great! I love how everything is going. It's so fun to play. I tried different game similar, but they'll never beat this!. I just wish this dang ole phone had enough space to download all other activities.. but other then that amazing game love it. Great Game But if you could please maybe add a sandbox free game that I can design maybe next update you add it Please . There's nothing to say it's just a masterpiece like I can't put it into words all I can say is I love it .

World War Polygon APK

I wanted to give five star but because of ads if I cancel that it will play and so many adds but the game is wonderful and i think that creator should get the credit. I like the game. It has a realistic storyline,it is almost perfect. However if I can give a suggestion it can do better if the characters can speak rather than we lead in their sentences and dialogues. Zombie mode scammed me it said every 7th played gets a big reward it's 200 gold bars but it scammed me. Actually I need to give 5 stars but when I see an ad I must get that reward such as restoration of full health but after seeing the ad there is no change in the health level so kindly fix it..

World War Polygon APK

Its very good and i even played it before but it took too much space but i am going to be playing it now i guess till my storage runs out.. Time-worthy game. Definitely gotta try. The game is also affordable. It's not very hard to get gold bars, you are always rewarded enough the missions and matches. The game has basic controls layout and its difficulty increases with the game's story perfectly. But the multiplayer mode doesn't let us change server. Because can't find any players. Too many ads. Reduce ads. Whenever an ad appears and I by mistake click it, I back out of the ad and when join the game back it restarts I lose mi.prog.. I like it, I feel it needs a free roam part of the game where you can do what you want tho. One of the best war campaign game. It is a proper game like cod ww2 game but for low end mobile..

World War Polygon APK

this game so good but now there l am install they was no install please fix the Bag please fix it. The game is very addictive, has good graphics and a lot more. This game makes me feel like a real WW2 soldier. But the only thing is that after each mission an ad will come. Sometimes the loading screen will not even start which makes me have to restart the game. Overall I love this game so much. It's an excellent game, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find it available on a mobile device. Featuring a captivating zombie-themed campaign and a World War 2 campaign experience extends beyond completion with additional content and upgrade options. The only drawback lies in the frequency of ads, which, if reduced, would elevate this game to a perfect 10/10.". amazing game this is the best game I've ever seen in my life that's always be my dream game and I'm play to other phones last time I just played and just when many of stuff in that I love this.

For me , This first person shooter is pretty cool ! because of the accurate soviet , american , german , and british weaponry! there are maps that look very nice and polygonal like the name suggests , its about war and i hope you add more guns , opponents , and more. This is my 2nd time playing it . if you see this Developer, i hope you add more endings where we can save tyler. thanks!. This is just a great company! I LOVE story driven shooting games. And this one reminded me of Big Red of COD .

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