King of Thieves iOS Mod 2.56.1 (Unlimited Orbs/Free Shopping)

Category Strategy
Size Varies with device
Version 2.56.1
Update: 11/11/2022
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King of Thieves is an application that helps to get rid of sadness and insecurity, because after installing a colorful game, gamers will become a brave adventurer. Cartoon characters will explore sinister dungeons to hold the treasures hidden in them.

King of Thieves

Gold, hidden in countless chests, as well as the glory of the king of thieves will become a coveted reward for the most cunning and cunning villain. This title can be claimed by every mobile user, who will have to compete with other participants in the game.

Game Story

King of Thieves will unravel your boring pastime. This game will perfectly fit any Android and will bring a lot of emotions. Varied games with lots of interesting traps, puzzles and adventures. If you don’t have this app installed on your phone – then go ahead, head for the adventure!

Everyone’s parents must have said in their childhood that “It’s not good to take someone else’s”. This wisdom in life has been the reason for making many games. The famous studio Zeptolab did not stand aside, and developed its own fascinating universe, where players will have to feel like a thief.

King of Thieves Mod

Features of King of Thieves

King of Thieves is designed for skillful participants who do not consider it necessary to limit their desires and dreams. Becoming the owner of unspeakable wealth is a goal that only the most creative thief can achieve. It was he who was destined to become king, obtaining the treasures of other players. In addition to exploring the dungeons, it is necessary to take time to create reliable hiding places, as stolen treasures need to be hidden somewhere from evildoers.

Features of the game:

  • The presence of a large number of elaborate levels, each of which has its own secret.
  • Attractive gameplay requires a certain skill and logic.
  • Each player can participate in the application development and design their own dungeon with traps.
  • King of Thieves will make you feel like a real thief who has to pull everything bad.

Hack King of Thieves

Graphics and Controls

King of Thieves is made with bright graphics, has a fun visual style, offers to compete for gold and prizes in eighty single levels or multiplayer modes. Here you can forget about rules and restrictions, moral standards and prohibitions: wealth comes to the boldest and most arrogant. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay, this fun game will help you change everything by engaging in an active struggle.

Fear not, nothing illegal here. This is a fun arcade game that requires quick reflexes and skillful hands. But when climbing into other people’s property, do not forget to control your own, because other players are not sleeping, and are looking to take your wealth.

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