Last Pirate Mod 1.8.3 (Unlimited Health/Gems/Immortal)

Category Adventure
Size 193M
Version 1.8.3
Update: 23/01/2023
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Last Pirate is an exciting first-person survival game with extremely realistic and detailed graphics. The main character is a one-armed pirate whose ship is wrecked. All crew members are dead, leaving only the main character among the survivors. He is brought to the shore of a mysterious island where he will have to settle down, build a house and just survive.

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Instructions on how to play

During the day, single-handed pirates forage for food, build shelter and explore their surroundings, but at night it is advisable to find the most reliable shelter, for the night on the island lives a different life.

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At night, not only island residents and wildlife come out, but also mystical creatures, such as walking corpses and skeletons. Since the main character has no left hand, a metal hook is installed to largely replace the hand. The hero performs all the basic actions with his right hand.

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Features of the game

  • Amazing homemade weapons capable of taking down even the biggest opponents;
  • A large number of enemy types, from humans to mystical creatures;
  • The people once lived on the island and the hero must find the ruins of their empire;
  • Cook food, gather resources, craft weapons – it all looks realistic;
  • You can hunt animals with both cold weapons and guns;
  • You can find a safe haven even in the most unexpected places.

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  • High-quality 3D graphics with first-person perspective.
  • A diverse map that includes ships, abandoned cities, villages, forests and dungeons.
  • Weapons, both long-range and long-range, can be found or crafted using found resources.
  • Rare artifacts in the game.
  • The world around us, works unpredictably.
  • You can get food in many ways (hunting, fishing, fruit picking).
  • Cockroaches with pleasant surprises are scattered everywhere.
  • Realistic combat system.

The game can be safely called a real masterpiece. The gameplay is addictive, what is happening has no time for surprises, and just when the player thinks he is safe, a very unexpected surprise may be waiting for him.